Princess Act

When innocent 16 year old Michele meets one direction how will she survive the royal act they give her, she hates that they buy her everything she looks at with sparkling eyes, and being poor she can't even imagine getting what she is getting from them, will she snap and get away from them forever or will she play along with the princess act


2. Saved

Michele's p.o.v.

after the three boys saved me from the boy with black wavy hair they drive me home

"can I have your name" Liam asks, and I remembered I got their names but didn't give them mine

"Michele, thanks for helping me" they smile, wave, and drive off, I walk in to find tony asleep on the couch, I jump on him, he wakes up yelling, he almost smacks me

"seriously, I almost got the girl of my dreams to kiss me" he yells as I laugh remembering his face

"I saw you making kissy faces to the pillow" I laugh and fall off the couch, he starts laughing at my clumsiness

"why did you fall?" He laughs

"well I have never sat on a moving couch before" he laughs and rolls off on top of me, his butt is on my stomach

"am I heavy" he asks relaxing

"you are an elephant" he makes an elephant noise, his back squishing my face

"you are comfortable" he teases as he climbs off

"I can breath again" he offers a hand, I take it and he pulls me up so fast I fly into him

"ow" he smiles

"shut up" I snap, I start to walk up to my room when he swings around grabs me by the waist and runs around

"I'm your super hero saving you" he stands on the back of the couch

"save me from what" he looks puzzled

"exactly" he whispers and tries to kiss my cheek

"stop it don't kiss me" I slap his arm and push on his chest, but he ends up kissing my cheek

"but I love you" he holds me close, I laugh. Little

"but I'm also your sister" he smacks my head

"fine peasant go back to your boring life and run away from your dazzling super hero" he drops me and goes back to sleeping

"yeah my dazzling super hero drops me" he waves me off and I go up to my room and text Liam 

m: hi

l: hey what you doing

m: my brother just pretended to be my super hero and kissed me, on the cheek of course

l: your brother is not as weird as one direction trust me;)

M: does one direction run around with underwear and a paper towel roll acting like a five year old, only in underwear? 

I can't wait to see his response to that

l: is your brother fat?

m: not even close he has abs and lots of muscle

l: then it's not that bad imagine five adults running around the store racing in baskets and buying candy

m: that's awesome, my brother would do that only in his underwear

l: I give up your brother is way weirder than us

i fist bump

m: yay, and I'm as weird as my brother btw

l: when can I see you again? 

I think

m: tomorrow at noon we can go out for lunch and go to the park see who is weirder me or you guys

l: bring it on

I laugh and put my phone down, I pick up my sketch book and a mechanical pencil and draw a picture of Liam Harry and Zayn, the boys who saved me, I think I did pretty good, I take a pic and send it to liam

m: is this good?

l: are you kidding that's amazing did you draw that

m: yeah

l: wow, we'll, gotta go I wish I could talk more

m: it's ok bye

l: bye

Liam is so sweet I wonder what Louis and Niall are like

the next morning

i wake up and get ready to hang out with one direction, all my friends will be so jealous, especially Annie she is such a directioner, she will flip out when I send her a pic of me with Niall  

Chele what are you doing" tony walks in my room rubbing his eyes

" getting ready to meet some friends for lunch" I answer 

"who?" He asks

" one direction" he nods and goes downstairs

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