Princess Act

When innocent 16 year old Michele meets one direction how will she survive the royal act they give her, she hates that they buy her everything she looks at with sparkling eyes, and being poor she can't even imagine getting what she is getting from them, will she snap and get away from them forever or will she play along with the princess act


1. Fight

Liam's p.o.v.

all I want is a girl to spend money on, one who is sweet, and if she doesn't want me to buy her the world I won't, but I want a sweet, humble, hard working girl to call mine. 

"Liam what ya thinking about" Louis walks in, I look up at him

"nothing" I simply reply, he sits next to me on the bed.

"Liam" I let out a long loud sigh

"I want a girl to call mine, to protect, Zayn has Perrie and he protects her, I want to be like that" Louis puts an arm around my shoulders, he smiles

"don't we all" we laugh and Louis stands up

"come on we're taking Niall to nandos as a surprise tonight" I smile and help him blindfold Niall and put him in the car.


Michele's p.ov.

All I want is a boy who will protect me. My brother Tony puts a nice pack on my temple, I flinch

"how do you get in all these fights Chele?" He mainly calls me Chele when he isn't mad at me

"they come up to me Tony I just defend myself" he sighs and wipes some blood off of my lip

"why do you do this to yourself" I see a tear escape my brothers eye, I hate it when he cries.It's mainly because he is disappointed in me, I wipe his year away with my thumb

"do what" I know what he is going to say, but I can't bring myself to believe it

"go days in a row of this kinda stuff and not do anything" more tears spill from his big brown eyes

"I'm sorry I just don't want to be called a wimp and have more people beating me up because I tattled on five guys" I have never told him that, he looks at me wide eyed

"they threaten you to have more guys beat you up when the other guys aren't around after you tell on them?!" I nod, he cups my good cheek in his hand, it's warm and soft, I hold it there with my cold hand

"please don't do anything about it" I give him a sad face with my famous puppy dog eyes

"I won't, just please try to avoid this" I nod again and look down at the floor

"I'm going to walk to the store and get some fruit do you need anything?" I ask him, he shakes his head and walks away, I hear his door close and put my shoes on, I grab my see through backpack so I can carry the fruit home in it

im about half way to the store when I see a coyote looking at me, I pull out my pocket knife with a four inch blade on it, the coyote backs off and I keep walking

"hey babe" a hot guy walks up to me, he puts an arm around my waist and pulls me to him

"do I know you?" I ask, he laughs, his perfect teeth showing, his green blue eyes on me

"no but do you want to?" He smiles, he is sweet but I don't know him, and for all I know he could rape or kill me

"I don't want to be mean but I don't know you" I lightly push him away, he comes right back, he looks like the brother of my main enemy, Brad

"you could be nice and let me help you carry your stuff home" he takes my backpack

"no thank you I'm not getting a lot" I speed up when I see the huge store in the center of the enormous shopping center

"come on" he holds me tighter

"NO!" He flinches when I scream, I get wary stares from the shoppers around us, the boys black hair falling perfectly around his cheek bones


liams p.o.v. 

I hear a girls voice scream no and look to where it came from, and I see the loveliest girl fighting a boy who is holding her, I get Zayn and Harry's attention

"hey look over there" I say, they walk with me over to the boy

"is there a problem here?" I ask, the girl stares at us like she needs help, she opens her mouth to respond but the boy answers first

"nope no problem" he says backing away with the girl, she pushes him away from her, his grip slips on her and she falls into my arms, she stands up and hides behind me

"why did you lie to us there was definitely a problem according to her" Zayn says and steps forward towards the boy

"don't hurt me I just..." He doesn't finish and keeps backing away from Zayn, he looks about seventeen or eighteen, he looks stronger than Zayn but not me, especially when I am protecting such a beautiful girl


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