Until she dies...

Tessa is a girl who gets diagnosed with cancer. A curly haired boy finds her in a tree crying and asks what's wrong, Tessa explains her whole story. Harry gives Tessa his number if Tessa needs anything she can call Harry. Tessa never calls Harry.. so Harry decides to go looking for Tessa. Will he find her? Will she be still alive? read to find out! I hope you like it! Lot's of Love!x'


4. Not a chapter sorry! IMPORTANT

Hiii peeps, I'm very sorry.. I'm not continuing this story on movellas, I'm now on wattpad. If you wanna read my movellas please read them on wattpad(: I made the same movellas only pimped them up a bit..


Thanks for understanding! LOTS OF LOVE XX

I currently writing a new fan fic so if you wanna be in it go follow me on wattpad:

xCrazyxStylesx     Thankss!(:

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