Until she dies...

Tessa is a girl who gets diagnosed with cancer. A curly haired boy finds her in a tree crying and asks what's wrong, Tessa explains her whole story. Harry gives Tessa his number if Tessa needs anything she can call Harry. Tessa never calls Harry.. so Harry decides to go looking for Tessa. Will he find her? Will she be still alive? read to find out! I hope you like it! Lot's of Love!x'


3. chapter 3

Harry's POV.

I asked all the boys to come over and help me find idea's to find this mistery girl. We started brainstorming but after a couple of hours we stil had nothing. The boys were tired and went home.. I couln't sleep so I decided to tweet something: Are you the mistery girl?xx. I immediatly got hundreds of replies with: yes I am and stuf like that. That didn't went wel.


*next morning*


Tessa's POV.

Right now I have another doctor's appointment .  I get to hear if i have beaten the cancer... I'm so nervous. I asked Lizzy to come with me. While we were waiting in the waiting area. An assistant said that the doctor was waiting for me. We stood up and walked through the halway into the office. I had to it on a white bed. the docter came in and explained he had to do some test with me and then he could tell us if I beat the cancer. After the tests were finished We had to wait 5 minutes..

*after 5 minutes*

The doctor came in and started explaining the test results. on the last sheet you could see if the cancer was gone. Right now you're cancer free miss Tessa. I couldn't hold it anymore. I screamed from joy. I was relieved. Mom was happy too after the appointment she took us to nando's.


When we were finally home Lizzy and I walked upstairs into my room. Soo Lizzy started.


Lizzy's POV.

Now you're cancer free, are you gonna search that boy? (I told lizzy the whole story). C'mon you have to. Tell me again what he looks like..


Tessa's POV.

Euhm wel, he had green eyes, brown curly hair, dimples. Lizzy immediatly grabbed her phone . I couldn't exacly see what she was doing but I quess she is searching something. She handed me her phone. ''Is it this guy ''she asked? No I replied. She asked it again but this time it was another picture and another person. Is it this guy? OMG Yes it is..


LIzzy's POV.

Euhm Tessa that guy is the famous Harry Styles. That's not possible. 


Tessa's POV.

It is him. I'm 10000% sure. And I'm gonna find him. Go search on twitter! I asked Lizzy. I didn't have twitter so I couldnt search on it xd


Lizzy's POV.

It wasn't possible at all. But my friend was finally happy so I started searching with her on twitter. I typed in: Harry Styles and immediatly got to see his tweets. There was one tweet I couldn't stop staring at. It said: Are you the mistery girl?xx. Was Tessa telling the truth? did she really meet Harry? I decided to tweet Harry: Is this your mistery girl? I took a photo of Tessa (without her knowing)and added it to the tweet. It was pretty late so I decided to go home.


Harry's POV.

After I got hundreds of replies I couldn't handle it anymore. I threw my phone onmy bed and decided to make some dinner. While i was making dinner I heard my phone. Another follow notification i thought. After breakfast i grabbed my phone and looked who started to follow me. It was a girl named @Itslizz . I clicked on her profile and saw a tweet which was send to me. I opened it and my mouth fell open......... It was MY mistery girl. 


I started to follow her and DM'ed her this:

Hi euhm it may sound wierd but the girl in the picture you added to your tweet, is she diagnosed with cancer? xx


Lizzy's POV.

When I arrived at home I saw I got a DM. That must be Harry i joked. I opened it and my mouth fell open... it was harry, The Harry Styles. I read the DM and replied:

You found your mistery girl! xx She doesn't have twitter but here is her number;*********


Harry's POV.

Thankyou so much!xx I replied.


I immediatly texted Niall: I found her mate!.


I also texted my mistery girl: Hey, It may seem wierd but I think I finally found you. I'm the boy from the park.. . Your friend Lizzy already told me you dont have twitter so Make a twitter account with your name and go follow my account @bakeryboy12 i will follow you back see you on twitter! xx H


Tessa's POV.

I got a text from sombody named H. Is it the boy from the park? Well there is only one way to find out i gues. I went to twitter and made an account named @Tessa_ x and went to follow @bakeryboy12 . I clicked on the follow button and immediatly got a notification that I got a follow back. I dm'ed the boy: Hi H, I'm sorry that I dind't call or text you.. my mom washed my jeans with the paper in it.. after washing it the paper was unreadable. 


Harry's POV.

I replied her dm asking if she could skype..


after 10 minutes of waiting and adding her I clicked the call button on skype...

In about 3 seconds I was going to see MY mistery girl...



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