Until she dies...

Tessa is a girl who gets diagnosed with cancer. A curly haired boy finds her in a tree crying and asks what's wrong, Tessa explains her whole story. Harry gives Tessa his number if Tessa needs anything she can call Harry. Tessa never calls Harry.. so Harry decides to go looking for Tessa. Will he find her? Will she be still alive? read to find out! I hope you like it! Lot's of Love!x'


2. chapter 2

Tessa's POV.

After the boy left, I went home. When I came home everybody was gone. I decided to shower. when I got in the shower my mother came in and asked if I had any laundry. I have, it's in my room. Then she left, She picked up my clothes and went to the washing machine. After I came out of the shower I decided to watch a movie, but not without my best friend Lizzy. I texted her if she wanted to come. I immediatly got a reply: Sorry can't make it, I have to work.... xxLizzy. Well then I have to watch it on my own. I chose pitch perfect. I putted the dvd in the player and while the movie started I got a glass of ice tea and some food. Half way through the movie I slowly drifted off.


Harry's POV.

Hi boys sorry I'm late.. ''Where have you been hazz we were worried sick'' Liam asked. Relax Relax I'm only 20 minutes late. I was at a park and totaly forgot the time. Paul walked in: Right Boys it's time to work now since everybody is here. We needed to record 3 more songs for our third album. After the recording session I went home. In the hope that, that girl from the park texted me. When I walked into my house I went to my phone first. No messages....


Niall's POV.

Harry didn't pay much attention at the recording sessions. There was something on his mind and I'm gonna find out. I texted Harry: Hey Hazz can I come over? Harry replied with: Yeah sure, can you please bring some food too. We can watch a movie if you want?. I'm coming right now!Is Nando's okay? I replied. Yeah sure Harry texted back.

*Gets Nando's and stays outside Harry's house*


Harry's POV.

I heard the doorbell ring so I went to open it. There was Niall with Nando's. Come in I said. Niall and I sat down at the kitchen table. Niall unpacked the Nando's and we started to eat.


Tessa's POV.

When I woke up I saw my mom cooking dinner. Hi mom I said. Hi sweety she replied. I've already washed you clothes from today so you can wear them tomorrow if you want. Okay I replied. Mom have you checked my pockets? I lost something. It is a small paper. Have you found it? No sweety I haven't checked your clothes, I thought you had already done that. Oh my god mom.. There was a paper in my pocket that I really needed. I ran upstairs and picked up my already washed jeans.. The paper was unreadable.. Great...


Niall's POV.

While we were eating our food I asked Harry wat on his mind was while we did our recording session.


Harry's POV.

Euhmm.. well... I kind off met a  girl..She was crying in a tree. I saw her while I walked to the music office. That's the reason why I was late. She told me she just found out that she had cancer.. I gave her my number, but she hasn't answered yet....I hope she does soon.


Niall's POV.

Not again Harry. Not another girl. It's done you know. The lads and I think you need to be single for a while. Management had told us that you needed to be single because they only see you on the news with a lot of diffrent girls... that's not good Harry I'm sorry..


Harry's POV.

It's not the same Niall. I think I love this girl. She is real and so down to earth. She is beautifull. She's not just another girl. I mean it.. I said. I had tears in my eyes when I finished. Please don't tell the other boys, I really don't want them to know.


Niall's POV.

Wow I'm sorry lad. I didn't know that girl meant so much to you. Ofcourse I won't tell anyone. Have I ever broke a promise?


**3weeks later**

Harry has been very down these 3 weeks. He hadn't shown up to a couple of meetings and management was'n't veryy happy with that.


Harrý's POV.

Three weeks have past and she still hasnt called or texted. I have the kind of feeling she doesn't liked me. I texted Niall: Niall she still hasn't texted me, what can I do? He replied with: If she really means a lot to you go search her my friend, because I really don't want to see you so down anymore. Good luck my friend!


How am I ever gonna find her... I don't even know her name.....



An extra long chapter because it's the last day off my vacation. I'll try to update as many times possible!


I hope you like it!

Lots of Love!x'

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