Until she dies...

Tessa is a girl who gets diagnosed with cancer. A curly haired boy finds her in a tree crying and asks what's wrong, Tessa explains her whole story. Harry gives Tessa his number if Tessa needs anything she can call Harry. Tessa never calls Harry.. so Harry decides to go looking for Tessa. Will he find her? Will she be still alive? read to find out! I hope you like it! Lot's of Love!x'


1. chapter 1

Hi i'm Tessa a 19 year old girl with brown hair and green eyes.I I love drawing, writing and my bestfriend Lizzy (she's crazy). I really love my life. Everything is going great I have a job at starbucks. I live on my own with my cat misty. My parents support me in everything I do, and I'm glad they do. I really like listening to music, it helps me relax. Well I think that's enough for now(:




On a monday morning a girl named Tessa goes to a docters appointment because she doesn't feel well. Tessa and her mom sit down in the waiting room.  Tessa looked pale and sleepy, because off the pain she hadn't slept in a while. After 5 minutes the doctor came out of the room and called Tessa and her mom to come in. 


Doctor's POV.

Well Tessa I euhm.. I don't have really good news.. you're diagnosed with cancer. We'll try to beat the cancer with some treatments, but we can't guarantee anything. I'm sorry...


Tessa's POV.

I didn't know how to feel about it. The only thing that I felt was a kind of a paralyzed feeling. I was paralyzed because of the words the doctor just sad. I couln't handle it anymore I picked up my jacket and ran as far as I could. When I couldn't run any further I decided to rest. I was at a park nearby my house (my house isn't far from the hospital). I climbed in a tree and sat down on a branch for a while..Then I started crying... my thoughts/crying\ were interrupted by a boy with curly brown hair who asked me if I was okay. I didn't gave an answer so the boy climed in the tree and sat down on a branch next to me. He asked me again if I was okay? No i'm not I replied.


Curly brown haired boy's POV.

Whats wrong then I asked. It's a long story she replied. Well I ain't going nowhere.. until I know whats wrong. Well... she started. after I heard the story I gave her a hug. She was shocked at first but then she relaxed a little bit and hugged me back. I'm very sorry but I have to go to work now I said. I'm already late actually. She immedialty started to apologize. Heyy I chose to listen to you so don't worry! Here is my number if you need anyone to speak to call this number. Thanks she said. Then I walked away. 




Hii ,

I Hope you like the first chapter!

many other chapters will follow soon!

I'm sorry if you see any grammar that isn't right. I'm not from england, but I try to type it as good as possible


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Lots of Love!x'

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