Josette Lee was everything a girl should be, and dreams to be. She's smart, sweet, lovely, confident, a little feisty, and to top it all, men are playing hard to get her. She has two best friends who always support her through thick and thin, a well-paid designer job, and a heavenly life. Everything was in perfect order, until her ex boyfriend comes to shuffle the deck and sends her old scars bleeding profusely.
Meet Liam Campbell, the most brilliant, dazzling and sexy man in history. His intense look can send you squirming back to where you came from, and his striking smiles sends you melting to your feet. He's handsome, confident, a little reckless at a time, truly mature, and most of all, he hates Josette Lee.
Once Liam recognized her, thousands of plans started forming to make her life a living hell. He started pulling her back to the past, leaving her breathless, helpless, and falling back in love.


2. Chapter Two | Revenge From Hell |



One more piece of information is that my updates will be unconstant, since my mom always stalk me. Once school starts I may be able to update constantly.

Guinevere Star


"Is there anybody in there?" Liam and I both jumped at the loud voice coming from outside. That can be Ben, our lobby janitor.

I took the chance of Liam loosened his arms and escaped from them. Unaware of my ragged breath I immediately opened the door and stepped outside.

"My goodness, Josette, you seem like you have been makin' out," Ben said, a confused expression looming on his wrinkled face.

"Oh no, Ben. I..." I was about to explain, when Liam did me a favor of stepping out of the janitor's closet .

Ben's eyes widened

Crap. Curse you Liam Campbell.

"Oh, I lovebirds continue, I have some chatting to do," Ben said, what he planned to do was obvious in his speech.

If Ben is good at anything. It's gossiping.

Translation? The news of me and Liam 'making out' will be all over the company the next day.

I let out a yelp in as I felt Liam's hand grabbed me by the elbow by surprise. He pulled me to his chest and snaked his arms around my waist. I held my breath as his scent hit my nose.

God he smells so good.

"We need to talk somewhere else," he whispered against my right ear, lips grazing it temptingly. We were in the dark hallway where Liam had pulled me into the janitor's closet and there was no one around. I nervously gulped.

His lips moved to the crook of my neck and nuzzled it. I craned my neck and let out a soft moan.

He groaned and started nibbling my sensitive spot on my shoulder and kissed up to my jaw line. His lips brushed against mine and...

"Jo!" Carrie's voice rang through the dark empty hallway and we jumped apart. Liam coughing furiously and me brushing my clothes with my hands. Carrie came into view, her face was wearing a you-know-what-I-don't expression.

"What's the matter, Carrie?" I blurted out after clearing my throat.

"Uh...its about the fashion show coming out next week. Can you excuse...?" Carrie said carefully, looking at Liam.

"Uh, sure," Liam said sheepishly and turned to me,"I don't want to see you in this company anymore you understand? Get lost and get out of my sight!" His voice came out as a hissed so that Carrie couldn't listen.

"I can't do that," I whispered looking at Carrie cautiously, knowing she would found out sooner or later.

"Oh you can. Because I say so," Liam hissed and then he turned around and left.

I let out a breath I didn't know I  had been holding and tried to calm my beating heart. Than I feel it.

Carrie's two evil eyes burning a hole on my back.

"Something's going on between you and Mr. CEO," Carrie said as I heard her high heels clicking to my side. "Wanna tell me what that's all about? Hmm?"

"Its nothing Car'," I said rolling my eyes, "what was that you were talking about? The fashion show coming up?"

"Well I don't know," she said picking at her nails, "you know something? Josette Lee?"

I groaned. When she speaks my full name, it means she demands an explanation.

"After work, Thompson," I said, walking past her.


"We're going to Shanti's place," Carrie said as I hopped into her red ferrari. To tell the truth, I missed my own Audi at home. But Carrie's car will be alright as long as she stops playing those blazing music.

"Shanti's? Great, 'cause I totally need a break," I sighed. Shanti is my best friend too. Despite the fact the she was five years older than us, Carrie and I love hanging around her house, listening to her nagging about our lack of behaviour and devour her Indian cookings. She was married and gave birth to two lovely children, who I loved and adored. She divorced after finding out that her husband was a regular customer of a girl prostitude and had have sex with that girl for countless times. She was a strong woman, even after she divorced. She raised the two kids on her own.

Whenever I have something to share or I was stressed out, Carrie and I would drive to her house at the outskirt of New York City. There Shanti would offer me comforting words and advice. She usually lights up lavender scent candles in her house, which offered me extra comfort. Her two children always made me joyful, no matter what.

It was after two hours when we finally reached and I awoke from my slumber. Stretching my body I watched as Aiman and Aisyah ranout of the house to greet me and Carrie. I climbed out of the car, smiled as the two hugged me. I ruffled their hair, lifted my head as I heard Shanti's voice shouting from the entrance of the door.

A beautiful woman walked down her doorstep towards us. Her pupils were light brown, her hair long and silky, bounced to her waist. Her skin was the sweetest of brown. Her cherry red lips curled up into a smile as she saw me.

"Shan!" I exclaimed, falling into her opening arms and hug her.

"I didn't figure you would miss me so much," Shanti said as she hugged me back.

"We all miss you, Shanti. But Josette here have some explaining to do," Carrie narrowed her eyes at me and instantly I narrowed my eyes back at her.

It was like an eye contest until I couldn't take it anymore. "Alright, Thompson," I said, "You win."


Shanti, Carrie and I were sitting in the living room. The tension was between the air, and the silence was killing me. I cleared my throat, ready to be the first one to break the silence when Carrie interupted me.

"What's going on between you and Mr. CEO? Why are you sucking face with him and why are you wearing blue today?"

"I decided it was a god option to wear blue today," I shrugged.

"Ha! Something must be happening! You avoided my previous questions!" Carrie exclaimed triumphantly.

"Settle down, Car'," Shanti put a hand on Carrie's shoulder, "let's listen to what Josette has to say."

Silence filled the air once more. I sighed in defeat, ready to pour out my whole story.

"Liam was my ex," I said. My eyes searching their faces. They nodded their head for me to go on. "I met him after breaking up on my first boyfriend. He cheated on me with my best friend back in high school. Then...Liam, he came along," I felt my lips formed a bitter smile.

"What happened?" Shanti's comforting voice calmed me a little, but tje sadness was there, hard to chase away.

I didn't answer, my mind already thousands of miles away, living in years ago...

It was already weeks after my 'crying event', and I immediately grew close to Liam. I figured out he is in few of my classes, and the fact that I didn't know him when he is the most popular person in school embarassed me. But after sometimes we became the best of friends. I even developed some feelings towards him.

"Remind me why are we coming to your house again?" I questioned as Liam took out his keys from his poket and unlock his house door. He rolled his eyes and finally settled his dark blue eyes on me, drinking me in.

"God, how many times do I have to mention the word 'hangout'? Is this a foreign word to you Josette Lee?" he said as he shook his head disapprovingly.

"Well, like I say, no one ever invinted me to hangout except when I'm back in Malaysia," I shrugged, "you know, because I'm a Chinese girl thing..."

"You being Chinese has nothing wrong," he scoffed as he finally pushed his door open.

My breath caught at how magnificent his living room looks like. It looks like one of the wealthy man's house. My eyes scanned around the place in awe.

"Is beautiful," I said without looking at Liam.

"Uh-huh," he said simply. I turned around and caught him staring at me. His cheek painted red and looked away.

"My bedroom, its uh, upstairs," he said, lacing his fingers through mine and led me through the stairs. I ignored the way my stomach fluttered and followed him. His hands were warm, holding mine, and I couldn't help but feel a warm tingling under his touch.

We walked up the stairs, then I realized that I was quiet in his home. I wondered if his parents are at home.

As if reading my mind, Liam squeezed my hand and whispered, "Don't worry, my parents aren't at home." I nodded.

There were pictures of him when he was young, smiling brightly out from the photographs. His was so cute, with his chubby hands and rosy cheeks. I touched every one of them, smiling at how cute he looked.

"What are you doing?" fingers still laced in mine, he stopped walking and joined me. I watched, his cheeks blushed when he realized what I was doing.

"You're so cute!" I laughed.

"That's what everyone said when I'm just a kid," he groaned.

"No, I mean when you blushed," unaware of what I was doing, my free hand reached up to carress his cheek. I saw his pupils darkened and he licked his lips as his breath hitched.

"Josette..." his voice was deep and  raspy. Every part of my body tingled at the way he said my name, how it rolled on uis toungue and touched my heart. My eyes trailed to his red lips, suddenly having the urge to kiss him and feel him.

I gasped as his arms snaked around my waist and pull me in so that I was pressed against him. His face inches closer, hesitantly, still searching for permission as he stared into my eyes.

I didn't say anything. Instead I closed the distance between us and pressed my lips against his.

He tasted like summer, hot and delicate, yet sweet and passionate  at the same time. I marvelled at how he bit on my bottom lip teasingly, and I eagerly parted my lips for him. His hands grabing my face as his body pushed me up against the wall so that I was pressed against him. I tangled my fingers into his hair, tilted my head to the side and widened my mouth to deepened the kiss. He let out a soft moan, making my body throbed with excitement even more. This kiss was different from the ones I used to share with my first boyfriend. This was gentle and sweet but hot and electrifying, making my toes curled and my heart wanting more.

He started kissing my jaw line, then planted butterfly kisses down to the hollow of my neck. He stopped somewhere above me sholders and hesitantly he brought his lips down to it, sucking on the sensitive spot. I let out a loud moan in ecstasy, moving my head aside to grant him more access. He groaned and his hands moved down to my hips and his fingers grazed the skin that were not covered by my shirt.

We heard someone clearing her throat and immediately we jumped apart. A woman was standing on the top stairs watching us. Her eyes stern and sharp, like a hawk's eye, a hawk that was ready to devour its pray.

"You're home?" I heard Liam scoffing behind me.

"Yes, you don't think that I was obsessed with BINGO until I didn't have to communicate with my son, do you?" she said, I heard Liam scoffed once more and tightened his arms around my waist.

"Save it, mother," Liam practically spat the word 'mother'. His cold tone matching his mother's. But when he turned to me, both his expression and tone softened at the same time.

"Come on, I'll take you home," Liam said as he laced his fingers through mine once more, sending me a comforting smile which warmed my heart. Dazzed and light-headed from the kiss, I nodded, following him out of the house.

Never had I thought that having his mother finding out would cause such a wound to our relationship.

"So his mother found out," Carrie said, "so what?"

I bit my lip and stared at my two best friends.

"Oh my god," Carrie gasped, "did she threatened you?"

I nodded. "Melissa, uh, that was his mother's name, she started to threatened me, coming to me and asked me to leave his son. I of course, refused. And one day when I was on my regular visits to the orphanage, well, you know how I was obsessed with the kids there," I shrugged, "she came and threatened me, if I did not leave her son, she would tear this orphanage off brick by brick and make those children homeless."

"Wicked being!" Shanti gasped, "She is the shame of us women!"

"I agree with you, Shanti," I sighed, "But I didn't made the decision yet then. This was part of the reason why I let Liam go. The second reason is..." My voice cracked and tears started welling up my eyes. Carrie and Shanti hugged me tightly as I tried to surpress the tears that were threatened to fall.

"One day earlier before graduation," I said when I felt better and my voice wasn't all that crappy. "I was flipping through the papers on his desk when we were hanging out in his house when I saw it. A letter from Harvard Uni.

"I was both happy and confused at the same time. But he never told me about going to Harvard. Never.  He told me he was going to attend the same college as I am. So I asked his mother about this," I sighed, "Melissa said she helped him to apply for it and he refuse to go but chose to stay with me even he was good enough."


"Can't you see?" I shouted as tears started streaming down my cheeks. "I'm slowing him down! I'm just...not good enough for him," I said as Shanti passed me a fragrant tissue and I accepted it.

"Speak to him," Carrie said.


"Speak to him. Tell him why you left him."

"I don't think he would believe me anymore," I said, shaking my head.

"Promise me you will at least tell," Carrie said, and then I knew she was worried. "You may feel better pouring it out to us, but you won't feel relief until you told him."

"I don't know Carrie..."

"Promise me you'll at least try."

I took in a shaky breath and let it all out. I stared at them, a small smile at my face and I said, "You know what? You all are the best friend ever."


The next day I awoke from my slumber my head hurts really badly. Then I remember having a few dose of Indian wine with Shanti and Carrie. My eyes widened as I realized I only had thirty minutes left to prepare for work.

I jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. I stripped off my night dress and changed into my white long sleeve collared bloused and my black pencil skirk that only reached above my knees. I didn't have time to tie my hair up into a bun so I just let it fall straight to my waist.

I rushed down and drank a glass off milk before grabbing my purse and headed to the door. My hand stopped turning the door knob as I remembered what Liam said yesterday.

I don't want to see you again.

Should I go? Or should I just leave the job?

Hell no, I needed the job. The kids at Sunny Orphanage were depending on my money to live. My mother was sick back home and desperately needing medical fees. My sister had just opened a Chinese restaurant at Miami and I needed to support her.

He's damn wrong if he thinks I'm going to leave the job.

My hands gabbed tight on the controller. My knukles turned white but I don't care.

There, I drove to the company with my black audi, playing old records on my radio.


I rushed into the company to the counter. When I saw who was managing the information counter I groaned.

"My, what a surprise. Isn't this the Mr. Campbell's favorite girl," sitting by the counter was non other than my arch enemy, Jade Jones.

"Where's Hayley and Freda, Jones?" I groaned annoyingly. This girl is always the death of me.

"How would I know? I'm not as smart as you Chinese chics," she practically spat the word Chinese chics. I turned around, decided not to bother her anymore.

But when I turned, guesse who I bumped into?

Shit, Liam Campbell.

"What the - what are you doing here?" Liam asked.

"I'm sorry, Sir. But I work here," I said calmly, walking past him bumping into his shoulder, trying to leave. But suddenly his hands grabbed mine and pulled me to him.

I winced as pain surged through my body when it collided with his. I glared up at him as he glared back at me, hatred was clear in his eyes and also...lust? I must have mistakened that.

"You have one hour to go to my office, you understand?"

"But..." I tried to protest, but was cut off by him.

"One hour," he hissed, "If you never show up, I will fire you.

And with that, Liam Campbell roughly released me and turned to walk off.

Darn it.

I'm so going to be fucked.


I walked into my new office when suddenly a great cheer went out and the next thing I knew party ribbons were covering me. My eyes widened, so was my grin, as I stared at the scene before me.

"Happy promotion, Josette!" the crew shouted cheerfully. My tears started welling up. Call me a girl, I don't care. 'Cause I am a girl. A girl that cried when she so someone doing something so touching. A girl who cried when she realized she was actually adored by many.

I sniffed my nose instead, controlling the tears that were threatened to fall. I watched, a small smile on my face as Hayley sauntered over to me and said,"Come on, Josette, do us the favor of cutting the cake."

I got over quickly and do as they said. I spent the next half hour laughing with them when I suddenly remembered what Liam had demanded. I mentally sighed as I bid them goodbye, telling them that Mr. Campbell wanted to see me and immediately took the elevator up to the last floor.

"Ms. Lee! Mr. Liam is expecting you,"  Freda greeted me with a smiled.

"So you're working up here now?" I raised an eyebrow. She shrugged.

"Can't say its bad, well Mr. Liam is one hot guy," she said jokingly, "but I felt bad about leaving that counter to Jade Jones. You know she's a bitch."

Ignoring Freda's compliment about Liam, I smiled at her.

"Mr. Liam said if you came, no need to inform him. You can go right in," Freda said.

"Thanks Freda," I smiled at her one last time before barging into Liam's office door.


When I said barging through Liam's door, I wasn't expecting this.

Sitting, no, straddling on Liam Campbell's lap was a slutty brunette, and they were making out shamelessly in front of me. Every once in a while the brunette would let out a disgusting moan.

I wanted to puke in disgust but I also wanted to cry at the same time. I felt my heart squeezed painfully at the sight I was having. Sadness and anger was washing through me.

After standing there a full minute I decided it was all too much. I cleared my throat and they stopped kissing each other.

Liam's eyes widened as he saw me and they quickly stood up. His facial expression returning normal as he did so. The brunette raised an eyebrow in my direction.

"I see that you are busy. I guesse I'll come back later," I said turning to go but Liam stopped me.

"No, Ms. Lee, you should stay," Liam said demandingly. "Here's your money for the day, Lina. You can leave now."

The brunette took the money and left, not before casting me a thriumphant glance.

I mentally rolled my eyes.

What women do to get laid.

I heard Liam cleared his throat and I turned around.  He was already siting on the couch. His hands motioned me to sit by him, still giving me the murderous glance. I walked over, but instead of sitting by him, I sat opposite him.

"Please don't get me fired," this was the first thing I blurted out to him.

I saw his eyebrow raised and he smirked evilly at me. Kind of sexy if you ask me.

Kind of.

"Getting you fired? Where's the fun in that?" he said, eyes gleaming mischieviously.


"I figured leaving you by my side would be more...interesting," he said, "I'll rather torture you and see you suffer day by day, instead of letting you go."

Oh crap.

I'm doom.

"I'll see you suffer in hell, Josette."

Don't ever cross an angel.

'Cause when he turns demon, payback's coming your way.


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