Josette Lee was everything a girl should be, and dreams to be. She's smart, sweet, lovely, confident, a little feisty, and to top it all, men are playing hard to get her. She has two best friends who always support her through thick and thin, a well-paid designer job, and a heavenly life. Everything was in perfect order, until her ex boyfriend comes to shuffle the deck and sends her old scars bleeding profusely.
Meet Liam Campbell, the most brilliant, dazzling and sexy man in history. His intense look can send you squirming back to where you came from, and his striking smiles sends you melting to your feet. He's handsome, confident, a little reckless at a time, truly mature, and most of all, he hates Josette Lee.
Once Liam recognized her, thousands of plans started forming to make her life a living hell. He started pulling her back to the past, leaving her breathless, helpless, and falling back in love.


1. Chapter One | When Angel Meets Devil |



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I stood in the waiting room of the arrival's hall, my legs were sore from all the standing and they were killing me. I ran my hand through my black hair in frustration, eyes scanning my watch as I do so. Great, now I could not even stop at home and take a rest before going for the meeting. My right foot tapped the carpeted floor impatiently, scanning around for any empty seats, but failed. All the seats were taken.

My fingers drummed my suitcase as I fluttered my eyes close and reopened them. my hands poked into my handbag and drew out my sketch book and flipped a few pages to contain my boredom. I was currently aware of the few guys that were checking me out a few paces away from me.

This kind of situation was not something I had rarely experienced. In fact, I had experienced it almost everyday since I developed into a woman. I was lucky that I had learned a few moves from my girl friend that had accessed black belt in Taekwando. 

I heard the familiar clicking of high heels.


"You are one hour sixteen minutes and forty-five seconds late, you know that?" I murmured without even glancing up. Carrie fidgeted as she heard me. I felt her eyes staring at me carefully. Being my best friend, she knew when I use that tone, it means I'm totally pissed.

"Jo, I'm sorry. That jerk Jensen was bothering me about how fat I became and I was so pissed I forgot about your flight! C'mon, forgive me, okay?" she pleaded.

This time I glanced up, a scowl on my face.

"Listen, Carrie Thompson, I stood here one hour sixteen minutes and forty-five second, my legs are killing me, and I have one more huge meeting coming up. So if you ever pissed me off again like this, I swear I will be the death of you, understand?"

"Yes sir!" she faked a soldier's position playfully, I decided to suppress a laugh that was threatening to escape.

"Uh, shall we...go?" Carrie asked.

"You better drive like a F1 racer, Thompson," I said simply as I glanced at my watch.

"Count on me," she laughed as she led the way to her red ferrari.


"I swear to god Thompson, if you ever drive like that again..." I stopped, head spinning and that nauseous feeling came up, again.

"Oh you love me, Lee. See? I got you to the company in time," Carrie winked, eyes twinkling mischieviously as she said so.


I fought back a glare and climbed out of her red ferrari. Carrie joined me and we walked into the lobby of the company, reaching the information counter a dark haired girl and a blonde one greeted me.

"Miss Lee, welcome back. The meeting will be held at Room 911. Would you like coffee or tea?" the dark haired girl greeted me with a smile. The blonde girl was busy taking calls, but she gave me a small smile.

"The usual, Hayley," I said to the dark haired girl, returning a small smile to the both of them before making my way to Room 911. Carrie was on her phone, probably talking to Jensen, her personal manager.

Carrie and I, we both worked at Summers Corp. She was one of the top supermodels in our company and Jensen was her manager. She always had a split hair with him, no matter what. She hates him for nagging on her weight, how she eat, and how she behave outside the company.

I was the top fashion designer of Summers Corp and was treated rather nicely by the owner himself. The owner was Gabriel Campbell, one of the richest man in New York, and if you accuse me of having affairs with that nice old man, no. He treated me like he was treating his own daughter. Besides I was liked by many workers in Summers Corp. Well, except for one person.

I was promoted the manager of the Summers fab lane today. That was why I have to attend the meeting today.

I took a lift up to the 9th floor and walked along the hall. White doors were everywhere. It took me a while to finally find the white door with the number 911 on it. My hand made connection with the cold metal door knob and turned it.

"Ah, here you are!"

I was greeted by non other than Mr. Campbell himself. He smiled fatherly at me and I returned him an apologetic one.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Campbell. There was a delay in flight," I lied. If he knew it was Carrie who did the job of getting me late, he would probably fired her. I hurrily walked to my seat and sat down.

"Never mind, darling. What is important that you are here," Mr. Campbell smiled meaningfully, but before I could catch up with what he meant he turned to someone else. "Here, son. Let's start."

I tried to see the face of who he was talking to, but his body was getting in the way. So finally I just gave up and decided that listening to Mr. Campbell's speech was probably an easier option.

"So, today I have the hornor for promoting a few loyal, hardworking employees to a higher position so that we can improve what we had in Summers Corp," his voice rang, loud and clear in the meeting room. "First of all, Josette Lee, she was the top designer of Summers, now I promote her to be the manager of the Summers fab lane."

All the workers clapped their hands in unison. I saw the body off the unknown stranger fidgeted as Mr. Campbell spoke my name. I stood up and gave a bow to express my gratitude. I sat down once more, letting Mr. Campbell continue his speech.

Few of the employees repeated what I did, standing up, giving a smile, or a curtsy or a bow to show how grateful they are. When I thought the meeting was over, after all he had promoted all the employees he chose, Mr. Campbell gave everyone of us a surprise.

"...At last, I would like to promote my son as the CEO of the company."

Everyone started whispering. CEO? I didn't remember having CEO in our company. It was Mr. Campbell that did the jobs all along.

It took like forever when the unknown stranger finally stood up.

"I'm Liam Campbell, and it's a pleasure to be working with you all." A deep, chocolate like voice rang confidently throughout the room, hitting me like a baseball bat.

Liam Campbell. His name kept ringing in my ears like an alarm. My heart squeezing painfully and thousands of memories started floaded my mind.

Liam Campbell. Liam.

Finally I looked up from my papers and our eyes lock.

I'm pretty sure his eyes are mirroring my own disbelief.

His soft jet black hair, those that I had once ran my hands through. His high nose I had once adored and his plump lips I had once kissed. His familiar dark blue eyes, oh, those dark blue eyes that I had once loved.

Oh. My. God.

It was fucking Liam Campbell.


The first time I met Liam is right after I found out my first boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. That was in high school then, when I was seventeen.

"Hey! Beautiful, care for a ride?"

I just blinked at him. I didn't even know who he was. I was just the girl, crushed by sorrow,sitting on the grass-carpeted ground weeping and he was the bad boy riding on his bike.

We stared at each other like forever until he couldn't take it anymore.

He pulled me up and I yelped, tripped on a stone and slammed into his chest, caught him by surprise. But we just stayed there. 

"Look, I'm not very good at this...but I know Gary cheated on you and you weren't feeling very well, so I decided to come and check on you. If you needed a shoulder to cry on...I'm right here," jaw clenched, he murmured to me. Then I started crying, grabing onto his shirt. My tears soaked into his T-shirt as he offered comforting words to me. His arms offered me protection as I weep.

And there I was, crying over a broken heart in the arms of a guy I didn't even know,


I was on my way to the cafeteria when suddenly a pair of strong arms pulled me into the janitor's locker and slammed me I to the wall. I winced in pain as my back made contact with the concrete wall behind me. I looked up, and in the faint light I saw a pair of dark blue eyes staring back at me.

I took in a sharp breath.

"Liam," I whispered. He shivered as I do, the pain was clear in his eyes, slowly eating my defenses away. My heart squeezed, knowing his heart hurt as much as I do.

But he didn't seemed to think I hurt as much as him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he whispered through clenched jaws, but his voice came out more like a hiss. I shivered. The anger and venom was clear in his voice. Deep down I knew he hates me. Hates me for what I had done.

But my ego refused to back down.

"I work here, Sir," I said simply.

He thew his head back and let out a sarcastic laugh, one that was so cold that it numbed my heart. He slammed his hands on the wall behind me, on either side of my head, trapping me in between. His face held a cold, sarcastic smile.

"So now I'm 'Sir'?" his breath tickled my face as he whispered, clearly amused. I admit, I was breathless at how close he was to me, how his scent filled my nosetrill. But part of me also squirmed at how he looked at me like I didn't belong here, how dangerous his voice sounds.

"Tell me, Josette," he said, licking his lips, "are you screwing my father?"

My mind was at first, focusing on how welcoming his lips looked like, how I wanted to grab his collar and kiss him. Than I immediately snapped to my senses at what he had said.

"What?" I asked.

"Are you screwing my father for money?"

I was clearly startled. I pushed him of me and dusted my skirt. The next thing I did was giving him a tight slap.

"I don't know what you think I am," I said, "but I'm not a whore."

"Oh, don't act like you're all innocent, Josette," he laughed, but there weren't any amusement in his tone. "You know what you did to me. You used me, you cheated me, and you thew me away."

His words pierced through my heart like thousands of needles and buried deep in my heart.

"Look, Liam, I'm so-"

"Too late, Josette," he said calmly, but his eyes blazing with hatred, "you broke my heart, now you have to pay for it."

When Angel meets Devil, better stay put.

‘Cause chaos is coming your way.



I'm waiting on you. ;)

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