Josette Lee was everything a girl should be, and dreams to be. She's smart, sweet, lovely, confident, a little feisty, and to top it all, men are playing hard to get her. She has two best friends who always support her through thick and thin, a well-paid designer job, and a heavenly life. Everything was in perfect order, until her ex boyfriend comes to shuffle the deck and sends her old scars bleeding profusely.
Meet Liam Campbell, the most brilliant, dazzling and sexy man in history. His intense look can send you squirming back to where you came from, and his striking smiles sends you melting to your feet. He's handsome, confident, a little reckless at a time, truly mature, and most of all, he hates Josette Lee.
Once Liam recognized her, thousands of plans started forming to make her life a living hell. He started pulling her back to the past, leaving her breathless, helpless, and falling back in love.


4. Chapter Four | When Jealousy Intrude Plans |



Yay! Chapter four! 'When Jealousy Intrude Plans'! I know you can't see me but I'm weeping now.

I've never made it so far before. Yeah, I had a story at a website called the Movellas once and its up to chapter eight but when I reread it and read the comments about them, I just cancalled it off. Its a failure.

I'm so glad Colors had made it so far. Thanks for you fellas!

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I took a deep breath and looked into the mirror. It was Saturday, and it was my date with...William? I guesse? Whatever. I just wanted to get my mind off him. Liam Campbell.

Once Carrie knew about my blind date, she decided dressing me up for it. I mentally groaned as Carrie started get her hands on me. I had to stand there a total ten minute to let her pick out the perfect clothes for me. She wanted to do my makeup but I insisted. Believe me, if I ever let her do my makeup she would make me look like a cpmplete clown. She always wears heavy makeups and I always wears light ones.

I let her curled my hair anyway.

When I looked myself in the mirror, I was completely stunned.

My hair, unlike the other chinese in my country, it was more a shade of brown than a shade of black, and it was no doubt straight. After Carrie curled the ends of my hair, it was now hanging beautifully and freely down to the back of my shoulders to my waist. Inherited from my father, my eyes were dark brown linen with grey lines, and no doubt about my full lips. My eyes were always small compared to the people here, but Carrie always was beautiful in its own way.

Carrie picked out a perfect outfit for me indeed. It was a black, sleeveless dress, with fluffy details at the collar, decorating my neck. It hugged my curves like a glove, the only things that bother me is that its to short.

"Calm down, Lee," Carrie rolled her eyes patheticly.

"Calm down? Thompson? Calm down? Really?" I groaned, "It's freakingly short! My mom would definitely tease me if she saw me in this!"

"And that was why you are waering this because today you are not meeting your mom," Carrie said simply, "Come on, Jo, its only a few inches above your knees."

"Do I have to do this?" I groaned.

"If you wanna get over Mr. Revenge," Carrie said, referring to Liam Campbell.

"Fine," I said with a sigh.


The minute I stepped into the restaurant, I had to admit, I'm impressed.

The restaurant was really lovely with the faint lightings and all, and the furniture had the details designed vintage. There was a very calming lavender scent. I breathed in the scent, smiled at how it always calmed my nerves.

"Reserved?" a waitress smiled at my and asked.

"Oh, I'm here by the name of...uh..." what is his name again? William?

"That would be my date," a male voice came from behind me. I turned around to see a pair of green eyes starimg back at me.

"You're Josette Lee, Maria's sister, right?" he said smiling.

This man standing in front of me is handsome. Not the bad boy kind of handsome, but the gentlemen kind of handsome. His smile, unlike Liam, was the polite kind, and his eyes are so gentle I might melt.

I'm just saying, I admire the way this guy act.

"Yeah, and you are Will..." I said trying to remember his name.

"West. West Coston," he said, not a disappointment in his tone. He was somehow a little...amused.

"Oh right, West!" I face palmed. Peeking through my fingers as I heard him laughed. He was throwing back his head laughing.

"Here, come on, our table is over there," he put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me to our table. When we reached our table he pulled my chair out for me. I smiled at what a gentleman he was.

" did you know its me?" I asked.

"It's easy, there isn't much chinese girl around," he winked as he sat down and I laughed.

"Great, cause for a minute I thought you were a stalker," I joked.

"Better than someone who doesn't remembers her date's name," his words were like arrow to my heart and instantly my cheeks started to burn.

"Oh, I'm just joking, Josette," he laughed before sipping his wine. "Oh, wanna call something?"

"Yeah, starving," I groaned.

"You should try their chicken pepper chop, they are very good."

"Yeah, sounds great," I smiled.

West called a waitress and ordered my food. Then we started talking. First awkward, then we are laughing so hard at matters we didn't even remember.

"Hey West, how you doing?"

My smile vanished as soon as I heard an all familiar voice.

"As you see, dating," West said, "Nice to see you, Liam my man."

"So, care to introduce to me who are you dating?" he asked. He couldn't recognize me because I jad my back to him and I curled my hair. Good.

"Oh, hey, Jos, this is Liam Campbell, he's my friend back in Harvard," West referred to Liam. I plastered a fake smile.

Slowly I turned around to face my worst fear.

I watched as realization hit his face, and I can see the scowl that was threatened to let loose on his face.

"Josette Lee?"

"H-hi, Liam."

"You know each other?" West asked, curiousity clear in his voice.

"Oh Josette and I go way back," Liam practically growled.

I decided to turn around and face my back to Liam, since the venom in his voice was starting to come clear, but his hand reached for my elbow and grabed me.

"Mind if I borrow her, West?" Liam asked.

"Sure no prob, Liam."

Liam dragged me to the wash room. Yes, dragged. And soon enough my back hit the cold solid wall.

"What are you doing here?" Liam asked.

"As you see, I'm dating!" I hissed back.

"Dating? You can't date!" he practically shouted. I'm glad the wash room had not a single sould in there.

"Why is that may I ask?" Liam really, really confused me. I'm single. I'm not married. I'm a spinster. Why can't I date?

"Because you are mine!" and with that he crashed his lips onto mine.

I guessed my body wasn't in my control. Because I was kissing him back, hard. My mind was numb. I can't feel my brain. I can't feel my legs. All I can feel was his kiss.

Then realization hit me on what I was doing.

"No! Stop!" I pushed him away, still light-headed from the kiss. Liam stared back at me, puzzled. Our ragged breath migled together.

"Why are you doing this? Liam?" my tears threatened to escape.

"Doing what?"

"Why are you confusing me? Huh?" I asked once more. The tears were at the surface, but I gulped down the lump insidemy throat.

"I confuse you? You confused me!" he half shouted. "You made me all dizzy around you, and when I kissed you, you kissed me back! Gosh, why did you even kiss me back?"

"I confused you? Liam?" I shouted. A tear escaped my eye, quietly scurried down my cheek. "You said you hate me, and the next thing you do is kissing me! What the hell is wrong with you?"

At this, he quieted down. My tears fell, one by one, soaked my dress, leaving a stain there.

"Why are you crying?" Liam's asked quietly, his hand reached out to my rigjt cheek and his thumb wipe away the tear staining my face. I leaned into his touch, feeling the warmth of his palm against my freezing cheeks. I closed my eyes.

"Don't make this any harder for us, Liam," I beathed out, then opened my eyes and stepped away from him.

I felt his eyes on me as I turned around and go.


"Feeling better?" I felt West's hand rubbing soothing circles on my back and nodded. My tears were already dried from all the wind blowing on my cheek.

As soon as I got out of the restroom, I told West to get me out of here as soon as possible. As it turned out, he took me to one of his hiding place. It was a deserted hill, where you can see the beauriful landscape of the city from there. I cried for a while when finally the tears drained all my energy.

"So...mind telling me what's wrong with you and Liam?" he started casually.

I kept quiet.

"Okay...I guesse..."

"He was my ex." I said abruptly, cutting him from what he has to say.

"And...?" he asked carefully.

"And there's a little physical attraction. That's all."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" I said, an are-you-ridiculous look on my face. "What else..."

"Josette, Josette I said look at me," West said, and I looked up at him.

He just looked at me, stared at me, like there was something on my face.

"Is there...something?" I raised my hands and started to wipe my face hard.

"Nah, just thought there's some thingy on your face, I thougt I saw a doodle somewhere..." he said playfully.

And for the first time in an hour, I laughed.

"So, feeling better?" he asked, a smile on his face.

"Definitely," I laughed, smiling up at him.

And for the first time, I finally thought I could just put my past behind, put Liam behind. 


"How's your date with West Coston?" Carrie asked through the phone as I exited my car. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind rushing past me and the scent of rain filling my nostril. I smiled as I thought of my time with West last night. After making sure I got home safely, we exchanged numbers and decided to hangout every once a week. He was a really nice guy.

"Oh my god, even you remember his name?" I gasped, "I didn't even remember his name last night and he has to correct me several times!"

"What? So the date didn't went well, huh?" Carrie asked.

"Nah, it actually went great," I laughed, "West is a really sweet guy, though. He made sure I get home safely yesterday night."

"So...did you guys kissed?" Carrie asked naugthyly.

"Uh, he did kissed my cheek when he hugged me goodbye," I said, my cheeks burning at the thought. 

"Oh, so Mr. Goody Shoes does like you," Carrie said, "Hey, call me when you get married will ya?" and with that, my best friend, the mischievious Carrie Thompson, hung up.

I looked at my phone in disbelief, and laughed. I dropped it into my jeans shorts poket and stridded towards a concrete building. There was 'Sunny Orphanage' hanging on the gate of the concrete building.

I pushed opened the gate slowly and took a step. Then I felt a few pairs of hands grabbing my waist.


"Rose! You came!" the few children were clinging to me like I'm a life saver. I laughed and crouched down to the ground to take a closer look at them.

Rose is a nickname one of the orphan gave me. Well, it happened like this. I visited him since he was a baby, he was suppose to call me 'Jos', but because he couldn't pronoun it correctly, it became 'Ros'.

But that stays after he grew up. So now every orphans are following him and now I'm the delicate rose lying in the clearing.

Typical, I know, but I love it anyway.

"The ever delicate Rose came!" a voice rang up and I stood up with a death glare. 

"Byron," I growled, "did you cause trouble in your new school, again?" Yep, he's the one I'm talking about.

"Hold your horses sister," he clicked his tongue, hand running through his dirty blonde hair. "Okay, don't hold your horses, I did got into trouble again."

"Urgh, do I have to adopt you to make sure you are okay? Everyday?" I groaned.

"Geez, you sounded like my mother," he said grinning, "only that I didn't have one."

"You are fourteen, and still you don't have the common sense to not to get into trouble," I released a breath I had been holding, and shook my head.

"Well, Ms Wendy had just cooked mushroom soup, wanna come in and have a try?" Byron said, still grinning.

"You always tempt me with things like that," I rolled my eyes, but smiled as he and other children pulled me along.

See how I love them?

My first visit here is when I'm back in high school. Fourteen years old. The school was holding a visit there so I tagged along. That was when I desided to come again. Because I grew connected to this little baby boy.


I know, ridiculous.

"Josette, come on in. You are right on time!" Ms. Wendy greeted me with a grin, and I grinned back.

"Smells good to me," I smiled, breathed in the scent of mushroom soup.

"Uh, mom, could you possibly hand me a new towel? This one got wet..." a familiar voice hit me and I frozed.




" have been visiting this orphanage since 14? Wow," West asked as he drove. When I finally decided to go home, my car did me the favor of breaking down, again. West being the nice guy, decided ro offer me a ride home.

"Yep. And you?" I asked.

"Are you kidding me? I practically grew up here!" West laughed. "My mom had been working there her whole life, eversince she divorced with my father. I went there, practically, everyday."

"How come I never saw you before?"

"I guesse we come and go different time," he said laughing, "here, you're home."

Smiling, I turned to face the car door, but hesitated. West seems like a nice guy...and well, why not give it a try?

I turned around, once more, and caught him by surprise when I kissed his lips.

"Thanks," I whispered to him before getting out the car. I watched as he flashed a smile at me and pulled off my car porch.

I watched as his car disappeared from my view, and with a smile on my face, I turned to go.

Not before a great force pulled me on my elbow.

My eyes met a set of dark blue ones and I gasped.


"What? So now you recognise me?" he scoffed with a scowl on his face.

"Why wouldn't I be recognise you?" I said, placing a hand on my hip.

"Cause from what I saw, you sucked face with West," he said.

Wait, is that jealousy I heard?

"First of all, it was a gratitude kiss, not some disgusting germ sharing like we use to do," I scoffed, "Secondly, is that jealousy I heard?"

"Jealous? Why would I be jealous? Of all people?" He said releasing my elbow roughly. My elbow fell limply to my side.

"Then you have exactly no right to interfere my love life," I hissed before turning my back against him and walked off.

Another force pulled me back by the shoulder and turned me around. Before I thought of a comeback, I felt Liam's lips on mine. 
His kissed was hot and possesive, and he held onto my waist like he was afraid of letting me go, like  I would disappear if he ever let me go. And his kiss...was definitely irresistable.

I gladly parted my lips as he bit on my lips, and his toungue slid in immediately, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine. My hand caught itself in his hair and the other slipped under his shirt to trace his abs. A moan escaped his lips as I felt something pressed against me.

He lifted my thigh up to his waist and wrapped them around him. I let out a moan of pleasure and pain as he nibbled on my sensitive spot.

All of sudden he pulled away, breathless and in disbelief.

"I-I gotta go," he said before turning around and jogged off my lawn.

My mind tried to develop at what had just happened.


A decision made.

But jealousy intrude plans.

Will decision be changes...?


I know, you are all like, OMG! Liam's jealous!

Calm the excitement, boys and girls! I know I'm updating late...but its worth waiting!

So...what do you think about West? He's a nice guy, huh?

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