Story of My Life


2. The Start

I begun do fell that my parents liked my so called "Bet Friend" more then me when i was about 10 years old.

They always gave her better gifts then me or they gave her the things they knew i waned do have then they told me the didn't had enouf money do give it do me.

It isn't like i got angry just becaus of the gifts my so called "Best Friend" is a year older then me so i always felld like i lived in her shadow my parents most of my dad always was like wy arent you like her or wy dont you do that like her wy this wy that wy dont you dress the way she does wy dont you dresd more feminin or wy arent you as good as her in school and all that stuf.

I always thought they tredet her like she was from the same blood and me like trash.

I always felld like i wasnt from the family.

I started to cut myself at the age from 13.

I just cuted my legs so my parents would not see it but like i neve bleeded much just like a few trops i have a few scars and that stuf but not much.

At the age of 15 the age that i am now.

I cutet my arms i had to wear long sleav shirts all the time or someone would finde out.

I have two brothers they are older then me the oldes has now married and the other he still lives whit me an my parents.

My second brother he hugs and let's my so called best friend hug him but he almost never hugs me i cant even remember the last time that he huget me and if i hug him he flips out.

Its just so hard living in this house becaus if anything breaks or something like that is always my fould.

One time i waned do kill my self becaus i just could not life this life anymore but i didnt..................

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