Story of My Life


1. How do i begin?

How would you fell if you thought that the world was against you and that all the people in it would hate you?

Yeah you get depressed and then you start to spend more and more time alone in your room or in a place that u can be alone.

How would you fell if u saw that your own parents would like your so called "Best Friend" better then you?

Well let me tell you that felling isn't good becaus u fell like nobod could help you becaus you fell sad all the time you just cant believe very much on happynes wiht all of that plus getting bullyed at school becaus you lile a pop star?

What is wrong whit this people in ur world that are bullying people wihtout a reson when not even that person that they are bullying never did something bad do theyr bullys? How does it comes soo bad whit all does thing that you start do cut yourself and you think that the world would be better if you would kill yourself?

Now you are askinh yourself how do i know all that stuf?

Well i know that becaus it is happening do me right now and i do not wish this things do happend do anybody els and if you need help just write me an e-mail:

Or just Keep reding on this book.

And yes all that i will write on here realy happend and no i didnt found this out.

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