Guardian Angel (A Justin Bieber Love story)

This is a story about Justin Bieber. His life is so stupid.
Everything he does,goes wrong.
His Parents died in a car accident,now he is a poor boy. He works in a market but it dosen't gives him much money.

One day a bright shine comes out of the sky, and there she was...

'His GuardianAngel'

She shows him the Future with her.
Everything now,goes right.

But what happens when he falls in love with his Angel ?

Go read and find it out !

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes)


12. Chapzer 7


I had so many things to do for school

i'll make it up to you guys :*

Enjoy chapter 7 lol


Chapter 7

As I finally arrived at work i first got a speech from my boss

he was screaming so loud and he said

' If this happens againg you are fired !'

I just nooded and started to work


Angel's P.o.v

As Justin left the house i've got bored

and i was hungry


very hungry.

I started to look for something to eat but i only found


'Does this boy ever eat ?' i thought

i decided to wait till Justin comes home so i watched Tv

it was something about animals

after a few hours i got tired and slowly fall asleep


Justin's P.o.v

After a loooong day of work i finally arrived at home

I saw the tv light on and a beautiful Angel on my sofa.

i smiled lightly and kissed her cheek slowly

i creeped into the kitchen and made spaghettie

Mhhmmm spaghettie lol

after i filled the plates with food i went to wake up Angel


Angel's P.o.v

I was dreaming about food

a giant donuts was chasing me

he took me and shaked me

'Noo don't do this donut you are hurting me and i want to eat youuu..'

But than i feelt that it wasn't a dream someone was really shaking me

I opened my eyes and saw Justin standing there

he was holding his laugh but failed and started to laugh

"O-Oh m-my Goood...y-you t-tho-ught i was a donut" he said laughing

i blushed and changed the topic

"Am I smelling something to eat ?" i said and ran to the kitchen

I saw spaghettie on the plates

and my stomach started to grummble

"I see you are hungry" Justin said and smiled

"Come on let's eat" he said and we sat on the chairs

"I hope you like it"

i nodded and ate my food


not really good but it will get dramatic and things like that

hope you like it


 Stay beautiful ♥


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