Guardian Angel (A Justin Bieber Love story)

This is a story about Justin Bieber. His life is so stupid.
Everything he does,goes wrong.
His Parents died in a car accident,now he is a poor boy. He works in a market but it dosen't gives him much money.

One day a bright shine comes out of the sky, and there she was...

'His GuardianAngel'

She shows him the Future with her.
Everything now,goes right.

But what happens when he falls in love with his Angel ?

Go read and find it out !

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes)


9. Chapter5

Justin's P.o.v

I can't believe it !

I have just seen my future with my freaking GUARDIANANGEL !!!

I looked deep in her beautiful crystal blue eyes

leaned in and...


hugged her.

At first she was suprised but then she slowly wrapped her tiny arms around my body.

"Thank you" i wihspered

and hugged her harder

"c-can'" she said

"Oh sorry " I apologized and rubbed the back of my neck

"It's ok" she said

Then a akward silent came between us.

"So ehh...let's go to sleep" I said

"Okay " she said and nodded

we went to the bed and slowly laid down.

she laid her head on my chest and wrapped her arm around my tummy.

I was suprised but got comfortable with it.

"Hey you never told me your name "

" name is Angel" she said


Angel...such a beautiful name..

"Good night Angel" I said and kissed the top of her head

"Good night Justin" she said and slowly drifted to sleep

Angel...she is my beautiful little Angel..she is mine.






So this is chapter 5 !


I wrote it without any google translate you know ? xD

I'm sorry if i wrote anyithing wrong !

Love you !

Stay Beautiful ♥




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