Guardian Angel (A Justin Bieber Love story)

This is a story about Justin Bieber. His life is so stupid.
Everything he does,goes wrong.
His Parents died in a car accident,now he is a poor boy. He works in a market but it dosen't gives him much money.

One day a bright shine comes out of the sky, and there she was...

'His GuardianAngel'

She shows him the Future with her.
Everything now,goes right.

But what happens when he falls in love with his Angel ?

Go read and find it out !

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes)


11. Chapter 6

Heyyyyyyah lol
I'm back :D
I got my piercing *-*
now i have 5 on my earlobes and one above lol
and here is chapter 6
enjoy it :)
Chapter 6
Justin's P.o.v
*next morning*
I woke up and felt something on my chest
I looked down and saw my beautiful Angel
I smiled lightly and stroked her cheek.
I looked at my alarm clock and saw it was 8:12am
8:12am I'm fucking late for work
shit shit shit
I jumped out of the bed and changed in my normal clothers
I didn't brother to shower.
I grabbed my jacket and opened the door
"Justin ?" said a voice behind me
"Where are you going ?" asked Angel's beautiful voice

"I'm late for work sorry for waking you up"
"It's ok see you later" she said and smiled 
she is so cute
"See ya " I said and kissed her cheek
I slowly blushed 
then i thought
'Ugh Justin why are you so stupid now she thinks you are a-'
"Justin don't think something like that. Who said I did'n like it" she said
I blushed harder
"I'm sorry now I have to go bye Angel" I said and rshed down the stairs
"Bye Justin don't forget the keys" She said 
I got them and ran down the road to work
I'm in deep shit

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