Guardian Angel (A Justin Bieber Love story)

This is a story about Justin Bieber. His life is so stupid.
Everything he does,goes wrong.
His Parents died in a car accident,now he is a poor boy. He works in a market but it dosen't gives him much money.

One day a bright shine comes out of the sky, and there she was...

'His GuardianAngel'

She shows him the Future with her.
Everything now,goes right.

But what happens when he falls in love with his Angel ?

Go read and find it out !

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes)


7. Chapter 4

Justin's P.o.v.

Once home , I gave her a t-shirt and sweatpants .

" Here, take this , and go for it! " I said

She spread her wings so that you could see her naked , but I quickliy put , my hands in front of my face  so I could not see anything.

"Hey, not in front of me ! there is a bathroom to get dressed there . "

she nodded and went into the bathroom .

I waited 5 minutes and then she came out.

'She looks so cute . '
I thought while I blushed
she giggled

"Why are you giggling ? " I asked her
"Because I can read your mind ! " she said and smiled

My face became hot and my cheeks rose.

"So...I want to show you the future with me," she said

"How ?" I asked

"Give me your hands." she ordered softly.

We put our hands together and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
Her hands were so soft .

" Now Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out ," I did what she said

' Illum futuri Kyrie , et illi ostendam Propitius nouo mecum ' she whispered

And already I sank into a coma.

' I saw a child "Daddy " she said , I saw my wife and a big house...I could not see my wifes face , but the environment was Wundervoll . the little girl...she looked beautiful. She had big brown eyes and long brown curly hair.

"I love you Daddy" She said

And I woke up

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