Guardian Angel (A Justin Bieber Love story)

This is a story about Justin Bieber. His life is so stupid.
Everything he does,goes wrong.
His Parents died in a car accident,now he is a poor boy. He works in a market but it dosen't gives him much money.

One day a bright shine comes out of the sky, and there she was...

'His GuardianAngel'

She shows him the Future with her.
Everything now,goes right.

But what happens when he falls in love with his Angel ?

Go read and find it out !

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes)


6. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Justin's P.o.v

I just looked at her and decided to say something ...

"Girls , I think you have you initiated your head too hard.
I do not know who you are, what you are or how you got here .
But what is clear : YOU are NOT my 'Guardian Angel' "

She looked at me with his head tilted to the side and said to

"So you think it's not funny, I was sitting here naked on the grass and my ' wings ' cover up my body, and Ohh ! I 've fallen from the sky? So if I were you I would believe me Justin"

"How do you know my name ?"

"i know everything about you Justin "

My eyes widened and I realized that she was right

"Let's say you're truly an angel. What should I do then?"
"Oh, that's easy! Nothing at all ."

"Wait, what? Nothing at all ?"
"Yep you have to just keep living and I 'm going to beautify your life"

"That Easy ?"

"Well, you have to give me a home and I will show you how you will live soon ... I'll show you the future."

I nodded and brang them home.

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