31 Days with the Devil

Blair is an ordinary girl, working as a journalist. New Years Day, she is called back to work. Furious, she storms into her boss' office only to find his rather good looking son.
Throughout the day, she finds herself surrounded by extremely good looking men, although, they were all demons.
Demons aren't supposed to fall in love with humans, but we can only guess that rules are at some point supposed to be broken.

*WARNING* contains quite a bit of dialogue.
(We also give credit and belonging to parts which are from the game '10 days with the Devil')


9. Chapter 9

Blair's P.O.V

Flynn and I make our way to the exit. We get off the bus, people pushing impatiently. My fingers reach for Flynn's arm to keep a hold of him and he doesn't seem to be fussed with the contact. His touch sends goosebumps through my body. His arm is so cold.

"Are you okay? Do you still feel nauseous? You're pretty pale, if you don't feel well we should head to the infirmar-"

"I'm fine," He cuts me off bluntly and I shake my head due to his childish behaviour. My hand reaches to rub his back soothingly. Shit, It's as cold as hell.

"Flynn, are you cold? I noticed on the bus, you seem like you're freezing." 

"This is my normal temperature," He shrugs, "Yours is more abnormally high." 

"What, my body temperature?" My eyes are wide.

"Yeah," he shifts uncomfortably. 

"Alrigh-" Just then a voice cuts into our conversation. 

"Hendrickson?" I turn to see Xavier waving in our direction. Ah shit, I mentally cussI didn't notice before but his hair is so much more tousled than last year, and his lips still have that same seductive curve to them. I had gotten used to his intimidating height over the years, despite his slender features, but honestly, he looks taller today. 

"Xavier!" My voice comes out sounding over-enthusiastic, but no one seems to notice. 

"Good morning." Xavier and I exchange greetings and I send him a warm smile.

"Is he a friend of yours?" Xavier gestures toward Flynn, he looks as if he's about to throw up, oh god. 

"Well, not exactly a friend," I blurt out.

"Oh, a boyfriend?" His smirk turns into a massive grin and I can feel the heat rushing towards my cheeks. 

"No! He's, my cousin!" I blurt out again, this time more flustered. 

"Oh, nice to meet you Blair's cousin, the name's Xavier, I work with Blair," Xavier puts his hand out for a friendly handshake.

"Hey," Flynn says sternly and looks anywhere else but Xavier's hand.

"Is he alright? I can go with you to an infirmary if you-"

Flynn scoffs before standing up, almost as if he were never nauseous. "That's alright, but we have to go," He stalks toward one of the convenience stores over on the other side of the road. I watch him cautiously.  

"Wait, Flynn!" I shout. "Sorry Xavier, see you at work." 

"Alright," Just as I turn I can see Xaviers smile fade. I wonder if he ever loved me back, even though he never knew I did? Ugh, now I just wish he loves me. I want to feel his arms wrap around me tightly as I nuzzle my head in the crook of his neck; just like any other normal couple and maybe inhale the musky scent of his cologne. Oh god, I sound like an overly attached girl friend who reads too many cliché, romance books. Not that I am his girl friend but I'd definitely like to be his girl friend and he could be my boyfriend. Oh, shut up Blair! Stop rambling nonsense. Get your head in the game. You have 31 bloody days left.

You already did that with Flynn, my conscience speaks and it's right. Shit. 

"Come on Flynn, wait for me!" I catch up to Flynn at the convenience store standing by a candy dispenser. What the actual...?

"Crackle Jack," he whispers.

"Crackle Jack?" I look through the glass to see all the boxes of candy. "Jesus Flynn are you kidding me?" 

"Limited edition," He smirks. Oh lord, that beautiful smirk could make me weak to my knees. "Girl, where is my wallet?" He seems so happy...

"You look so happy," I say out loud without thinking. 

"Huh," he looks down at me.

"Nothing!" I cup my mouth with my two small hands.

"It's the figurine prize, right now they have the Mighty Rangers series." His happiness subsides a little. 

"I see, there are people at work who collect those," I remember a group of nerdy, young recruits holding them. 

"What about that one guy?" 

"Who? Xavier?" 

"Yeah." Flynn looks down. 

"Oh no he-"

"Good." Why must he cut me off like that? 


"I don't like him," He frowns."Anyway, I shouldn't keep you from your work, let's go." 


Flynn and I walk side by side silently to work. I look at him and he's staring up at the sky with so much focus and my thoughts bring me back to when he said he disliked Xavier. I don't like him, Flynn's voice replays in my head and the expression of his face. They didn't even have a 5 minute conversation and I could already feel Flynn's anger radiating off of him. I wonder why he doesn't like him.

"Hey, what did you mean when you didn't like Xavier?" my curiosity gets the best of me. Flynn stops walking and his body tenses. "Come on!" I want to get an answer out of him.

"...He kinda smells," Flynn hesitates.

"What?!" I am shocked with his honesty. How could he just say it that openly that the guy I like smells bad?!

"He smelled weird," Flynn adds.

"Weird? Oh are you talking about his cologne?" I lift an eyebrow. His cologne smells so good though, I silently want to add. "Well, it's better than smelling all sweaty, right?" I say instead and shrug. He looks at me wearily and I send him a weak smile. 

"...Is that the guy you like?" he says blankly and I swiftly cover his mouth with my hand in shock. Flynn's piercing eyes hesitate to take in how alarmed I am at his choice of words. 

"Is that the type of guy you like?" his voice is muffled under my hand but I can make out what he says.

"What do you mean by that?" I furrow my eyebrows.

"I meant what I said. You have bad taste in men if you like smelly guys like him," he removes my hand from his mouth. His words actually hit me badly.

"You don't have to say it like that..." I look at my small feet and pretend to kick imaginary dirt off the ground. "And what do you know? You barely talked to the him!" I spit at him and he looks surprised at my sudden outburst. "He helped me get started when I was a rookie and entered the company he also helped out when I had writers block so I would appreciate it if you didn't say things like that just because you smelt his cologne," I cross my arms and stubbornly look anywhere but his eyes. The air feels thicker now and the tension is so intense. I wish it was ironic, but it was intense, unfortunately

"I just thought you thought he was cute or something," he finally speaks up. "Y'know Xavier isn't too bad in the in the looks compartment," he also adds, do demons really like offending people then getting on their nerves?

"No, I didn't start liking him for his appearance," I simply state and he nods. I've really got to change the subject before it gets into too much detail. "So... you don't like cologne?" Seriously Blair, you can only come up with that? My conscience laughs at me and I cringe. 

"Nope, I hate it! I can't stand man-made scents," he crinkles his nose in disgust and I giggle.

"Oh, okay."

"The women behind me on the train stunk too! Same with those two women there," he nods his head to the left and two women dressed elegantly walk by us. I continue to laugh as I look at his face, it looks like he's holding his breath. "Ugh, they had some artificial flower scent on them. It made me sick to my core," he cringes and then I remember I'm wearing the same perfume from last night. 

"What about me? I'm wearing a bit of perfume too," as soon as I say that Flynn eyes me weirdly before coming close to me and taking a sniff.

"Huh, what! Flynn-" I push at his chest and he looks at me confused. "Stop it! Your breath is tickling me!" I exclaim and he pulls away.


"Huh?" I gape.

"I don't smell any man-made scents on you but instead..." He stops himself from speaking and I have the urge to know.


"It's just...."

"What is it?" I ask again.

"You smell like toast instead," That's weird, I didn't have bread this morning...  "I'm not talking about the food toast," oh. "People who are going to be toast give off this scent. It's a unique smell. That's basically what you smell like," he nods as if he's approving his own words.

"I see..." I awkwardly sniff my jumper sleeve.

"Well...I have 30 days left to confess to Xavier!" my face is smeared with determination and Flynn is dead silent. "Watch me! I'll do it!" I head back to where Xavier was last.

"No," Flynn pulls me back gently by my peach blouse.


"He stin-"

"No more calling people stinky, it's rude!" I cut him off and he rolls his eyes before pouting. Naw, he looks so cute. "You're not going to get out of this by pouting. Fine, you can watch me confess from a distance," I offer and he looks at me with an emotion I can not explain. It's almost as if he's upset with me.

"It's such a hassle, I'm going home."

"What? You're not going to watch me while I work?" I ask.

"No, you have a tracking device on you. Casper is also your boss at work."

"I suppose..." Casper hasn't crossed my mind for a while.

"I have work in the afternoon so I'll go home and rest. Plus I want to play with that prize. Bye Blair," he waves slowly before walking the other direction. 

"Bye!" I yell as he walks back to his apartment. Now I've got to get to work, I set off to work in a steady paced jog. 30 days... All I've got to do is ask Xavier to meet up with me sometime, it doesn't sound too hard. Oh who am I kidding!? I don't have it in me to do that. Besides, Flynn, he said my name. 



Author's note -

Hey all! It's been so long, we have exciting news, we have made a trailer for our to-be novella. We were just wondering if y'all wanted to see it. Let us know ?  Thank you! - Hanna and Monica x

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