31 Days with the Devil

Blair is an ordinary girl, working as a journalist. New Years Day, she is called back to work. Furious, she storms into her boss' office only to find his rather good looking son.
Throughout the day, she finds herself surrounded by extremely good looking men, although, they were all demons.
Demons aren't supposed to fall in love with humans, but we can only guess that rules are at some point supposed to be broken.

*WARNING* contains quite a bit of dialogue.
(We also give credit and belonging to parts which are from the game '10 days with the Devil')


6. Chapter 6

Blair's P.O.V 

"We're here," states Casper. I look up to see the estate. Wow, it really does look like a normal house and it looks quite big too. Mitchell gives me a warm smile and I weakly return another before walking through the front door. Inside, it was even bigger than the outside with a wooden floor and a spiral staircase. Even though it was massive, it was almost apartment-like with the kitchen and the lounge visible from the front door. Modern, I like it.

"Well I'm beat!" Mitchell cracks his back before letting out a sigh of relief. "I dibs shower first. G’night guys." He walks down a corridor and grabs a white towel from a shelf before disappearing up the stairs to the bathroom.

Henry throws himself onto the luxurious sofa turning on the television. "Casper, when's the next meeting?" He says.

"7am," Casper smiles greedily, grabbing an apple from the oversized fridge and leaning against the kitchen table.

"Shit! That's so early! I wonder if I'll be able to even wake up in time," Henry raises his hand to his head and ruffles his blonde hair in confusion. “Well, I’m off to sleep, G’night Blair.” Henry pats my back before heading up the stairs to his room. Wait, where do I sleep!? My mouth opens but before I can say anything Casper pushes himself off the kitchen table and walks over to me.

"You can come to my room if you ever get lonely. I'll keep you company," a smirk followed by an inappropriate wink makes me gulp. Just as I thought he was going to do something else he laughs and then strides up the stairs to head to his room. It suddenly occurred to me that it was only Flynn and I left downstairs.

"Ahem," Flynn catches my attention and I turn to face him. He looks so much more muscular in the light of this house. His jet black hair glowed and his beady eyes glared at me with complete concentration.

"U-um...." the air suddenly feels so thick and I can't help but stare at my small feet.

"Here," Flynn puts out fist, I look at it baffled.

"What?" I tilt my head in confusion and he grabs my wrist gently and opens his hand to let the small object drop in mine.  

"Put it on," he removes his hand revealing a tiny ring in my sweaty palm. A ring, but why?

"Okay," I examine the ring first before putting it on my middle finger. The ring is plain silver, beautiful I have to add, with diamond-like gems studded around the edges.

"So where did this come from?" I question him.

"I designed it," he says flatly and my jaw drops but I quickly pick it up and compliment him, "It's a pretty cute ring."

"I worked hard on the design," Flynn looks away and I can tell he's blushing. So he’s not as dark as I thought he was, I smile slightly.

"Yeah, I can tell.” He continues to not give any eye contact.

"I worked hard on the features too," he adds before looking back at me, his misty grey eyes pierced through mine like an arrow.

"Oh reall-," Wait what..."Features?!"

"It's a tracking device."

"What?!" Of course it had to be a tracking device, I should have suspected this especially coming from a demon. What am I even thinking? Before today I didn’t even know what a demon really was! "What the heck! Take this thing of right now. It's like I'm being spied on!" I struggle to remove the ring.

"That's the whole point. I'm supposed to be watching you and don't bother trying to remove it. It won't do you any good." He sighs as if to say ‘stupid girl.’

"This,” I point to the ring on my right hand, “is way overboard!"

"Well, would you rather me watch you 24/7 then?" he doesn’t quite smirk like the others would have instead Flynn seems angry.

"Well um- uh- that's not what I was saying," I struggle to find the words to say, this guy is kind of scaring me now. I start to walk up the stairs hoping he would just go away. But no, he kept on going.

"Do you want me to be with you all day?!" he emphasizes 'all' as he raises his voice. I stay silent as I watch him approach me at the top of the stairs and I fail to take a step back, letting Flynn get real close to my body.

"Well do you?" his voice was barely a whisper against my ear, but it was still harsh.

My heart thuds loudly in my chest, am I panicking? I shake my head and take a step back. C'mon Blair! Stand up to this psycho. He's a devil but he can't kill you or anything until the promise is over. 31 days, just 31 days and then he can do whatever he wants.

"No! No I don't!" I accidentally urge myself forward and now we're face to face. His stern expression suddenly softens and he looks a bit taken aback from my sudden outburst.

"Good, because neither do I," Flynn walks past me and I let out a sigh of relief. Phew. Well that wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be. "And I was lying, you can take the ring off," Flynn opens the door to a room for me.

"Really?!" He's such a liar!

"Yeah, if you're willing to pull your finger off."

"Psh, sure," I snort and I swear he smiles at my reaction.


Authors note - 

Hey everybody, It's Hanna this time (: We apologise because we haven't been posting as often as we thought we would have, but we hope y'all enjoy this chapter (; 



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