31 Days with the Devil

Blair is an ordinary girl, working as a journalist. New Years Day, she is called back to work. Furious, she storms into her boss' office only to find his rather good looking son.
Throughout the day, she finds herself surrounded by extremely good looking men, although, they were all demons.
Demons aren't supposed to fall in love with humans, but we can only guess that rules are at some point supposed to be broken.

*WARNING* contains quite a bit of dialogue.
(We also give credit and belonging to parts which are from the game '10 days with the Devil')


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Blair's P.O.V

Whoa. I look around in amazement as I entered the restaurant. I gasp at the semi-formal scene and try to pat down my skirt even though it’s not dirty. The floor is made out of pure marble and the walls look red and velvety. Curse me for wearing something so damn casual, I probably look so lower class then everyone eating here.

"You look beautiful," I smell Casper's minty breath and my throat clogs up. My hand rests on top of my heart as I try to stop it from hammering so hard. I almost forgot how wealthy his father was, he picked me up in a fancy car in his formal suit, when he said that we were coming to this posh restaurant I felt so embarrassed for not making a better effort. He really does think I’m beautiful, doesn’t he? Someday I'm going to die from his tactics. We settled down on a table for two right by the glass window sending in the bright moonlight.

"Thank you, did we have to go to such an expensive place?"

"Of course we had to, a girl like you belongs in a place just as stunning as herself," he says seductively and my cheeks turn crimson within seconds. Just as I was about to saying something in return I was interrupted by our waiter, wheeling around a dessert tray full of tasty treats.

"Pardon me! Sorry to ruin the moment. I’m Mitchell."

The man had striking silver hair and two black sleepers on his left ear, to be honest, he was quite as good looking as Casper. Mitchell gives a warm welcoming smile then continues, "I've brought you a special cake creation!"

"I didn't order one," Casper says through gritted teeth and wide eyes. I ignore him and pay attention to Mitchell.

"Oh no, you see when I saw this fine lady. I felt a flash of inspiration," the smile on his face never leaves. He’s actually kind of… sweet. He pulls a pure white cake box out from the dessert tray and opens it in front of me. I peer inside, there’s a cute little cake in the shape of a heart. Pink icing is smeared on top and around the whole thing. Little fondant flowers are scattered around the base of the lovely heart.

"For m-me?" my words only come out in a stutter.

"What do you think? I’ve been looking for someone to give this creation to for a long time," his words made my heart melt. I smile and look into his flashing green eyes, before looking down at his beautiful creation again.

"I thought that heart would be as sweet as yours." He bends down to my height and his face is violently close. My eyes widen as he settles a hand on my thigh, I want to move but in a situation like this I wait until Casper speaks Ahh, just in time.

"Sorry but I'll be the one to harvest her heart," Casper cuts into our conversation and I feel his anger. I shift my body uncomfortably in my seat as the both of them send each other death glares. This sure is going to be a long night....

What a weird day... After Casper dropped me off a street away from my small apartment I could feel that my brain was fried and half asleep and I couldn't think about anything but today. It started off with me trying to kill the old geezer, to having his son take me on a date, to then finally have a pretty hot waiter flirtatiously talk me up and down. After a long day like this, I really need to take a warm bath. I brush a strand of hair away from my face as my aching feet make their way back to my apartment.

"Shit," I quietly cuss as I trip on the flat surface. Luckily no damage was left except a broken heel. My only heels too…

"Hey you," a deep husky voice catches my attention and I look up to see two men, one with black jet hair and nerdy glasses. His jaw line is tense and I can sense that he is angry. He stands there with a blank expression as his large hand holds onto a leash for his dog. The rather large dog sat there with the same expression with a spiked collar and visible sharp teeth. The other man having a very tall figure, blonde hair and a perfect build, was a lot happier though, with a playful grin on his face.

"Um, me?" I asked confused.
The one with black hair nods.

"Here." he put down a box on the concrete floor and pushed it towards me with his foot.
A box? My mind wonders to why he would give me a box. Wait, where did it come from in the first place?! I open the lid and once it’s off my eyes gaze upon a pair of black stilettos, but just not any pair of stilettos, Prada stilettos! The edges of my mouth curl up as a smile forms on my face.

"Is this for me?" My head beams up.

But no one was to be seen.


Author's note.

Hey guys, Monica here.

So Hanna and I wrote and finished chapter 2, yay! *Small applause*

Okay, back the the point. Hanna is in Japan at the moment and the time zones are very different compared to where I live so there might be slower updates.

Next chapter will be up soon, if we can get 3-4 likes then it'd be up faster. :)

Ily all.


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