31 Days with the Devil

Blair is an ordinary girl, working as a journalist. New Years Day, she is called back to work. Furious, she storms into her boss' office only to find his rather good looking son.
Throughout the day, she finds herself surrounded by extremely good looking men, although, they were all demons.
Demons aren't supposed to fall in love with humans, but we can only guess that rules are at some point supposed to be broken.

*WARNING* contains quite a bit of dialogue.
(We also give credit and belonging to parts which are from the game '10 days with the Devil')


10. Chapter 10

*Important author's note at the end*

I really like Xavier....I really do. My eyes carefully continue to watch him behind my own panel separating our offices. His eyes are furrowed together as he types on his laptop. His tie loose and white dress shirt sleeves rolled up. He looks so good. Sigh. You're watching him like a stalker, my conscience tells me and I sharply look away with an awkward cough. 

"Right," I mutter to myself before straightening my pencil skirt and looking for something to do. I end up playing with the stapler instead. Because of this small action, Casper takes notice and that's why I'm now stapling all of his paper work. 

"Because you've got nothing better to do," he stated with a smirk then dropped papers down on my desk. Stupid stapler. I mentally half curse because this is partially my fault. I was always the over achiever so when I first started working here I chose an office where the big boss could always see my success. Now that Casper is the big boss now, I regret that strongly. He's got a clear view of me from his glass room office and I'm sure he's plotting my murder before any of the others are.

After fifteen minutes of stapling paper my feet make their way to Casper's office. 

"Tea?" He asks and I look at it. It's green. 

"No thanks," I reply quietly with a shudder and he lets out a haughty laugh. 

"It's green tea Blair. I'm not killing anyone," he weakly smiles and I immediately feel guilty for my assumptions about the poisoned Tea. So out of my own good will my hands reach for the cup and I take a sip.

"Yet," he finishes his sentence and the tea in my mouth comes spluttering out. 

"That was a joke too. Can't you humans take a joke?" Casper shakes his head and I'm staring at him like he's crazy.

"Not when they know that the person making the joke is a devil in disguise and CAN kill us at any moment!" The words fall out of my mouth as I wipe at the tiny bit of tea trickling down my chin. 

"How lady like." he shakes his head which earns him a good audible scoff. 

"Can I go now?" It was evident that I was angry and of course it didn't go unnoticed by Casper as his face expression softened. This guy really knew how to make me feel intimidated yet angry. Who knew behind that pretty face and our first encounter he was so discourteous. 

"I was joking Blair," he restated himself and I frowned with my arms across my chest.

"I didn't mean to make you mad alright? I was just teasing you. Besides, you remind me so much of Mitchel and I's little sister." This had caught my attention tremendously. 

"Is she like you guys?" Curiosity had got the best of me however the change of subject was way better than Casper joking about my life line.

"No. She's a human." His eyes darkened and his jaw clenched as he spoke. Obviously showing me that I had hit a sensitive topic. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to carry on talking to him about her but deep inside I wanted to understand how Mitchell and him were who they were and she wasn't one of them.

"Ever heard of curiosity kills the cat Miss. Hendrickson?" 

"I didn't ask anything!" I exclaim with a loud huff following afterwards.

"I know but your face says it all." Casper points out and the feeling of embarrassment washes over me. 

"Anyways, I'll continue to tell you because you're such a stubborn person. If I hadn't told you, you would have tried to find out by yourself." My mouth opens as I'm about to come up with a witty comeback but there's none. Because he's right.

"Mitchell and I are demons because we did bad things, well technically I did something bad-"

"Wait! So you're not born demons?!"

"I'm getting to that bit! Quiet down!" He sent me a death glare. Being the person I was I had the urge to tell him he was a hypocrite because he was yelling back at me but refrained and sat there like a child.

"A few years ago Mitchell, our little sister and I were homeless; we lived on the streets and would do anything for money so of course that resulted in stealing, dealing and gambling. Paisley didn't know we were doing that stuff back then for her. She was so naive and young but what were we suppose to do?

Although one day it was the end of Mitchell and I. We were unpacking some "stuff" when three men in hooded jackets came and tried to beat the day lights out of us for not dealing well with them. I remember it so graphically; we tried to defend ourselves and that's what we did. I had knocked one of the guys out and when I turned to find Mitchell, he was half on the ground getting beaten to death and that's when I lost it. I grabbed the guy off him and- and I killed him.."

A gasp fell out of my parted lips as I quickly clamped it with both my hands. The story itself was horrific. Silence lingered for a while as Casper didn't make eye contact but instead he looked at a blank wall before continuing his story. 

"There were three of them. If one was knocked out and one was dead then where was the other guy? All I remember was when I helped Mitchell up the first thing I saw was a gun to my face. Mitchell and I were obviously goners.

So when we died we were meant to become angels but we made a proposition instead. I didn't want to live a luxurious life when I had killed someone and done so much bad in the past for our survival. Mitchell felt the same about the whole thing so the Angels told us instead we could be demons. Demons aren't actually that bad." His last statement makes me scrunch my nose.

"Besides the fact that we kill people, we're not too bad. We use to have normal lives too. We did something bad in our past sure, but at the end of the day we chose to be devils and bring the bad guys down with us. We're basically bad guys turning our lives around by taking down bad guy's lives, if that makes any sense."

"Wait, so since you can walk the land that every human walks and the rest of the world can see you. Has Paisley seen you before?

"Within the proposition, Mitchel and I made a deal before we turn ourselves to devils. We asked the Angels to erase Paisley's memory and give her a good family. So they found her a nice adopting family and since then, she's been living the life she should have been living. A normal one." I hadn't realised that a tear had made its way out of my eye until I could taste the saltiness on my lips. 


"I'm not bothered about it." 

"I'm sorry Casper. I didn't know."

He shrugs, "life happens."


Author's note:

Hello! Monica here! 

It's been months since this book has been updated so yes, I've made the chapter long. I'm also sorry about the dialogue. It's so out of control! I really like descriptive writing more than dialogue but since the book is written in Blair's point of view it's really hard to know the story behind the other boys so I guess they have to explain it. Hence so much dialogue! I'm an amateur writer. :-P

P.s I believe I will be updating a lot this holiday since I've come up with the best idea for this book. 

P.s.s Hanna is still my partner in writing and editing but I don't think she will be vacant for a while because she's very busy and sometimes people do lose inspiration which we both did through out the year. (SORRY!)

But I'm (Monica) back! More hyped than ever. Thank you for not giving up on this book and especially us.

We'll see you around and so will the cast, (Blair, Casper, Flynn, Mitchell and Henry.) 

CAUTION: All chapters will no longer be clearly edited but instead be skim read and have minor adjustments because quick and long chapters means no time for editing. Unless you guys want slow updates but great editing, which I doubt.

*If you forgot the story line or what the book was about then I would suggest rereading it, because it's been a while since an update*

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