31 Days with the Devil

Blair is an ordinary girl, working as a journalist. New Years Day, she is called back to work. Furious, she storms into her boss' office only to find his rather good looking son.
Throughout the day, she finds herself surrounded by extremely good looking men, although, they were all demons.
Demons aren't supposed to fall in love with humans, but we can only guess that rules are at some point supposed to be broken.

*WARNING* contains quite a bit of dialogue.
(We also give credit and belonging to parts which are from the game '10 days with the Devil')


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Author's Note: Before we start this chapter. We'd like to say that this book is based of a game we played and was kind of obsessed with...For a while. So credit to the creators of the game which gave us inspiration to write this book. We don't preserve anything that is theirs. Also, check out their game '10 Days with the Devil'! One last thing, if you've played it, you can tell that some parts aren't completely the same as the game and will most likely change plot twists or story line during the process of writing.




Blair's P.O.V

You're kidding me! Out of all the days, on New Year's day I'm called back to work for probably some stupid reason. Are they oblivious to the fact that today is special event for hmm, the whole world!? Who am I kidding… My boss is an entire ass hole. He is self-absorbed, crude and so bloody obnoxious.

I drive up the main road in my Silver Toyota Yaris. Taking a deep breath I crank up the radio which is playing a song resembling my furiousness. After I park the car, my legs get out of the old, shitty car and make their way inside the office building, my pumps making noises like ‘click, clock’ against the tiled floor. Radiating with anger I stepped into my shared office. Neat and organised, I thought, good. But boy was I mad. My veins were about to burst and my sweaty hands held a certain need to choke my damn boss until he was dead.

"Hey Blair!" My name was being called by Ivy, my co-worker. I spin around to see her wobble in her heels as she runs towards me, I let out an uneasy sigh. God, I despise that chestnut haired girl.

"Hi Ivy," I greet her with a fake smile and she grinned back in return. Her clear, sweet face is beaming and her white hair piece complimented her purple blouse nicely. But why I hated Ivy, I just did.

"What's new?" she questions me and I mentally face palm myself. Is this girl for real? I’ve been called back to work on New Year’s Day, and I literally want to kill my boss.

"I'll tell you what's new; I'm going to kill Richard!" I spat as I turned my back on her and stomped out of the room and towards my boss’ office.

"Are you a nut? It's New Year's and you're calling me in for work!" I fling the door open and my voice echoes in awkwardly. I peek around, the old man was nowhere in his office.
"Now, now, don't be rude," An unknown voice came from the chair at the desk. What on earth is this stranger doing in Richard's office?
"And you are?" I raise an eyebrow as my temper slows down a little.
"Casper, my name is Casper," the chair turns around to reveal a very good looking man. He has soft brown hair, a good build and a cheesy smile plays on his face. My jaw drops as I eyed him up and down. What the hell?

"Blair, I suspect. Am I correct?" Casper smirks and I try to understand why some hot guy is in my boss’ office is.

"Do I know you?" I quickly close my jaw as I was about to drool. C'mon, get yourself together Blair! You're meant to be mad not eye goggling at some random stranger which happens to know my name.

"Yeah, I'm the boss' son," he says simply. I didn't know that the old guy had a son, especially one that is so fit and well...good looking? He flexes his arms in a yawn and he runs his fingers through his brown luscious hair.

"Ahh, I see,” My voice manages to speak up and I gulp. I hope he doesn't notice that I find him so god damn good looking!

Casper stands up and walks over.

"So Blair, I was thinking about you and I," I breathe nervously once he's inches away from my body. I’ve completely forgotten about my anger.

"You were?" I say a little bit too perky. "I mean uh- you were?" my voice is lower than usual and I mentally slap myself across the face for acting like a complete mess in front of him

"I think you're really pretty and we're going on a date tonight," his hand touches mine and a bolt of electricity runs up and down every inch of my body.

"A date?" I mumble. Except I quickly realise that this guy was barely an acquaintance and I retreat with a surprised expression.

"Yes a date. You and I are going on a date, tonight," He smiles sweetly. God, that smile.
"Wait! I don’t even,"

He cut me off by putting a single finger on my lips.

"Alright you can go home now. Go get ready and I'll come and pick you up." He glides pass me, but turns around. "Oh and Blair... black really suits you," he winks before walking off and I stand there dazed. What just happened…?


Author's note-

Hey guys! Monica and Hanna here. This is our first Chapter so please like, favourite and comment below to show us what you think. If you do so then you get quicker updates. :-)

Bye now.

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