Hermione's younger sister

You know Hermione but what about if she was not muggle born and her parents wern't around anymore and she had another relative a younger one.


3. The sorting ceremony

Hermione had told Ron and Harry about the letter. "See if you can find your sister Hermione." said Ron. The first years were piling into the hall. "I believe they will call her Abigail Snapess as she has been living with Professor Snapess, you know like they called me Hermione Granger." Hermione. The sorting ceremony started. "Abigail Snapess," a small timid girl stepped up and sat on the stool. "Ravenclaw would do you good but bravery I see oh yes bravery. It has to be Gryffindor!" The great hat roared. Abigail ran over to the Gryffindor table a smile spreading across her face she had done it she wasn't in Slytherin but in Gryffindor. "Hooray Abigail is in Gryffindor." shouted Hermione! Hermione knew that she would have to wait a while before telling Abigail as it would be a shock to her as she thought that she was a Snapess.

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