Hermione's younger sister

You know Hermione but what about if she was not muggle born and her parents wern't around anymore and she had another relative a younger one.


4. Potions

It was the next day and the Gryfindors and Slytherins were lined up outside the potions classroom. The Slytherins were jeereing at Abigail asking how she got into Gryfindor. Abigail lost her temper with Draco Malfoy and yelled at him. Draco fuming shot a disarming spell but Abigail protected herself. The spell bounced back at Draco disarming him. Abigail Chila yelled Snapess leaping out of the classroom. "What? I thought I was a Snapess," said Abigail glancing at Hermione  "No Abigail she is right you are my little sister," Hermione replied. "If that is the case detention my office 12:00," Snapess said. "No" said Abigail "What" "Proffeser McGonagol would like to see me so sorry goodbye oh and I might be there all day"

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