Hermione's younger sister

You know Hermione but what about if she was not muggle born and her parents wern't around anymore and she had another relative a younger one.


2. Hermione Granger

Hermione as you already know is a muggle born witch. At this point Hermione is about to go into her sixth year at Hogwarts as it is the summer after she was in fifth year. Hermione was sat at her kitchen table eating dinner when an owl flew through the window. A confused expression spread across her face. That was unusual Ron was on holiday and the Dursley's wouldn't let Harry write. She shrugged and decided to read the letter anyway. It was from Professor McGonagall saying:

 Dear Hermione,

                          This may be hard to take in but we think that you are old enough to know that you are not a Granger neither are you a muggle born. You are a Chila and your magical parents died on a boat when the boat crashed. You also have a younger sister called Abigail.

                                                Yours sincerely

                                             Professor McGonagall

                                           Head Teacher of Hogwarts

Hermione looked at the letter and looked at who she thought was her mother. "Is it true Mum, that your not my real Mum." "Yes it is you have just been adopted by me and your father." Hermione was utterly amazed. 







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