Hermione's younger sister

You know Hermione but what about if she was not muggle born and her parents wern't around anymore and she had another relative a younger one.


1. Abigail Snapess

Abigail was small for her age, she had a thick brown curly hair and big blue eyes. Abigail lived with Snapes sister Proffeser Snapess. Snapess worked at Hogwarts just as Snape had done. Snapess was very much like Snape favouring Slytherins, hating Gryfindor except for one thing she was not kind hearted. Snapess hated Abigail and made her do all the work. (this is not going to turn out like a fairy story)

Abigail was almost eleven and old enough to attend Hogwarts so Snapess decided to talk her through all the rules early and she decided to use them in the house. This was easier said than done because Abigail did not do magic or potions yet and she didn't have a wand so they decided not to do that.


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