A New Begining


1. The first day of a long year

Looking back at it from now seems like it was just yesterday my mom was chasing me to get out of bed just to get me to go to school .

It was the first day of middle school , I was so excited to meet new friends and get good grades in my first tests .

So there I was walking Down the first steps of middle school ,just wondering what teachers I would have and what friends I would make .

I entered the class room ,and everyone turned and started staring at me ,it was really weird .it wasn't the kind of reaction I was looking for .the teacher told me to sit next to this girl ,she had big blue eyes ,blonde hair tied up in a pony tail and she wore the most prettiest shoes ever .i sat down and tapped on her back softly , share turned back and said 'what !!!!'in a angry way ,I felt a bit scared cause she looked like she didn't really want to talk or be friends ,so I just told her my name 'hi my names Lola what's yours ?' 'Ahhh my names kala ok ?now stop bugging me buzz off'i felt really sad and just said ok I didn't want to get in her way any more .

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