Behind that smile

They told him he was worthless
Girls rejected him
All he wants are friends
His mother died last week
His fathers in jail
He lives with his cousin
Tears fall down
He cuts his wrists
He takes the pills
He sleeps peacefully with the angels

(I made that poem about suicide) ^^


4. they're here!

Niall's POV

"Boys can I go out for a little walk around?" The boys chuckle. "Of course.. Not!" They laugh harder. "Pleaseee!"

"Fine if you're not back by 11PM you're in HUGE trouble!" I nod and walk out of the house. The breeze is perfect I feel soo relaxed. I hear giggles I look around and then out of nowhere comes my girlfriend Megan and this guy they're kissing against a wall. My heart drops my eyes sting with tears. I run home immediately. By the time I get home I'm guessing my eyes were all puffy and red and a mess. "Hey how was your walk gay ass?" Louis tries to be mean but I slap him in the face and slam my bedroom door and lock it. I lie on my bed and call Megan on the phone. "Hello?" She answers, her voice makes me angry when I hear it now but I have to pretend I'm happy right now until I dump her slutty ass, "Hey babey, how are you?"

"I'm great, but I was sleeping.."

"LIAR!! I saw you kissing the other guy! We're over!"

"No Nia-" I hang up before she can finish her sentence. Why does every one hate me? Am I that bad?

Louis' POV

Niall just slapped me in the face! What a dick! Yeah I called him a gay ass but I was only joking me and the boys always joke he took it as a joke any way. Ring ring. "Hello?"

"Hey it's me Nikki, I'm just telling you I'll be here tomorrow for sure!"

"Yay I'll seeya tomorrow then bye sis!"

"Bye Louieeeee!" She always knows how to make me smile all you have to do is hear her voice and you know she's the greatest person in the world.

Harry's POV

Ring ring. "Hello?"

"HEYYY baby!! I'm just confirming that I'm moving in tomorrow!"

"WHOO! I'll seeya tomorrow then! Love ya!"

"I love you too!!" Geez I love her soo much it hurts.

*the next day*

Niall's POV

8AM comes and there's a knock at the door nobody seems to be awake so I decide to answer it. "Oh heyyyy I haven't seen you in a while, how's it been?" Nikki says. I look at her excited brown eyes. Every thing about her is perfect. "I'm going good how about you?"

"EXCITED!" Then someone pulls me back by my shirt and I fall to the ground. "Don't talk to my sister!" Louis growls, she frowns at Louis. "Come in I'll show you to your room Nikki!" He puts his arm around Nikki. "Here I'll hold your bag as well it looks heavy." She shrugs and gives him the bag.

Nikki's POV

Why was Louis being soo mean to Niall? Niall is such a sweet and innocent person! "Why are you being mean to Niall?"

"I'm not being mean it's just jokes, he understands!" I roll my eyes. "Can I have time alone to settle in Please?"

"Sure!" He kisses me on the forehead and walks out. I close my door and look around my massive room. I see Justin Bieber posters I rip them off the wall but I see Katy Perries posters and I stare at them in awe. She's soo beautiful! And then I look at my cabinet and I see all of her albums her movie, I see some scary movies all with out zombies and I see a new violin, a TV,a bathroom connected. I look around my huge room and I see a door.. I open it and it's a huge room for Missy!! It has bags of food, it has water, dog toys and a bed for Missy and I freak out. Wow I actually love Louis soo much. There's a note on the dog bed.

Dear Nikki,

I bought you some posters, albums and movies just to make my sister at home!

Also if you found this you obviously found Missy's room let's call it 'dog paradise'

Love Louis.

Still Nikki's POV

I sprint out of the room and jump on Louis. "OMG Louis I love you soo much you're the best brother I could ever ask for!"

"Awhh!! I love you too!! That's obviously why I got you all that stuff, enjoy it!" I give him a huge hug.

Harry's POV

Knock Knock, oh it's the door! This time it must be Lucy!! I run to the door and open it. "LUCY!"

"HARRY!" She laughs and kisses me for 15 seconds. Somebody coughs. It's Louis. "Hello I'm Lucy!"

"Hi I'm guessing you know who I am?"

"Oh yes!" We all laugh. And I show Lucy her room. "Okay I'm going to settle in now."

"Okay!" I kiss her on the cheek and leave.

Lucy's POV

My room is absolutely COLOSSAL!! I have a huge queen sized bed and a flat screen TV, a bathroom connected and another room connected? I open the door cautiously and to my surprise it's a hugeeee sewing and up cycling room! It has 3 sewing machines, Stacks and stacks of all different materials, a whole heap of old stuff the up cycle and a note..

Dear Lucy,

Hey love!!!!! Do you like the room I set up for you?

I love you honey byeee!!

Still Lucy's POV

I scream really loudly and run up to Harry. "Harry it's beautiful!! And amazing and stunning and I love you soo much and I'm going to faint!"

"I love you too! Don't faint though, I'll get sad!" We laugh. "Breakfast!" Someone calls. And we all sit and the table. "Okay every one this is Lucy!" Harry smiles with his cute dimples. "Hi Lucy." they all say. "And this is Nikki I'm sure you've all met her at least once?" Louis says with a smile. "Yeah!" They all say at the same time and then they all laugh except Niall. I wonder what's up with Niall...

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