Behind that smile

They told him he was worthless
Girls rejected him
All he wants are friends
His mother died last week
His fathers in jail
He lives with his cousin
Tears fall down
He cuts his wrists
He takes the pills
He sleeps peacefully with the angels

(I made that poem about suicide) ^^


9. plane crash?

Lucy's POV

"Good morning love." Harry smiles at me in a tired way. "Good morning Harry." He kisses my forehead. "I'm really sorry for how I treated you these passed few days I feel really bad."

"It's alright as long as you wait until I'm ready this time.. Because all the boys knew what we were doing and I don't want that. That's very personal to girls!"

"Oh I didn't know sorry I thought girls told their friends that kinda stuff?" Haha we do but the boys don't know. "No of course not!" I try not to laugh. "I'm going to make breakfast you stay in be until it's done." I walk down stairs and Nikki is in the kitchen. "Hey do you need a hand?"

"Oh sure!" She smiles and hands me some pancake mix to mix. "So how is your stay here are you having fun?" I ask Nikki. "I don't know Louis is becoming very mean to me, last night he said I can't date Niall."

"That's not fair! You can date anyone you want!" How could Louis do that? "Hey girls!" Louis walks down stairs. And kisses Nikki on the head and gives me a wave. "I've been thinking.. You can date Liam or Zayn and that's it. Since Harry's taken by Lucy and I'm your brother."

"What about Niall?" She turns to him and puts her hands on her hips. "Umm no!" He sits at the table while me and Nikki continue cooking. Then we put the pancakes in the pan and Niall comes running down. "I thought I smelled pancakes!"

"Oh hey Niall!" Nikki runs up to Niall and starts making out with him, he's confused at the start and then he just kisses back she half opens her eyes to look and Louis and he soo mad. And then he just pushes her to the ground! Like what the hell! "You did it on purpose!" Louis yells at her and she stands up. "Yes I did!" She slaps him in the face. "Don't you hit me again!" She pulls Niall to the room and slams the door.

Niall's POV

Okay so I smelled pancakes so I ran downstairs and then Nikki starts making out with my and the next think you know she's on the floor and dragging me upstairs. "Niall I love you!" She kisses me and gets on top of me.

Nikki's POV

I'm not going to go any further than this but I love Niall. I kiss his lips and take off his shirt. My shirt or shorts aren't coming off only his top is. "Nikki I love you!"

"I love you to you're amazing!" I continue kissing him and it turns into a heated make out session. "Niall you're a great kisser." I say between kisses."you to Nikki!" I bite my lip and play with his hair while still on top of him. "OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR NOW!" Louis shouts and I hear banging on the door. "Take your pants off." I whisper. "What if they get in?" I pull him the bathroom. "Let's run away!" I whisper. "How? I have to go to the studio and I'm in one direction so if I leave this house twitter will go crazy." The bedroom door busts open and I lock the bathroom door and sit down on the floor and Niall sits next to me. "Nikki you're the best thing that's happened to me my whole life." He hugs me and keeps me in his arms. I kiss his cheek. "If they get in the bathroom I think I should be doing something and you're just following along." I say and sit on his lap and start kissing his lips and the door opens I just ignore it but I get pulled by my arms. "Let go of me I love Niall!"

Niall stands up. "Let go of her she's not a rag doll!"

"Niall shut the hell up nobody likes you."

Niall's POV

"Niall shut the hell up nobody likes you." I felt soo small when Zayn said that I just down know I mean I had confidence and then I lost it. I love Nikki but I don't have any courage.

Louis' POV

Me and Zayn drag Nikki into my room and I shoo him out. "Nikki you will not date Niall for as long as you live, you're moving out I can't handle you you're a disgrace to the family! You can't go around kissing losers, go pack your stuff!"


"GO!" He growls and I sprint to my room and start crying. "Missy we have to go." I pack every thing and take Missy with me. "Bye." Louis tries to hug me but I slap him and snatch the plane tickets out of his hands. "Bye Zayn,Lucy,Harry and Liam. Lucy can you say bye to Niall for me?" she nods and I wave bye and leave.

Niall's POV

It's been 1 day

since Nikki has gone and I decided to flick through the TV in my room. Boring, boring and one channel catches my eyes 'plane crash' I watch the news carefully. "LOUIS!" Louis come walking in. "What Niall?" He folds his arms. "Look!" I point at the TV.

News reader:there's been a terrible plane crash. The plane was London to Australia and 5 people were spared." I start crying and so does Louis. "Nikki was on that plane!" I get up and run to my bathroom and lock the door. I sink to the floor and sob into my knees.

Louis' POV

"Hey mum is Nikki okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"that plane crash?"

"She was 1/5 of the survivors!"

"Oh my God!"

"Yeah I know, she wants you to tell Niall she's okay?"

"Sure!" NOT! He'll never find out hahahah. "I'll talk later bye mum!"

"Bye honey!"

Niall's POV

It's been 1 month since Nikki's death I didn't get to go to the funeral nobody told me when it was... We've released a new album 'midnight memories' and one of the songs is called half a heart and it just related to me. I cut more than usual and there was 1 more suicide attempt but I decided not to because I'll save it for later. "Niall go to bed!" Liam pokes his head through my opened door. "Okay." I lie down on my bed. Tonight they're all having a movie marathon I'm not aloud to go. I start to hum half a heart

Though I try to get you out of my head

The truth is I got lost without you

And since then I've been waking up to

Only half a blue sky

Kinda there but not quite

I'm walking around with just one shoe

I'm half a heart without you

I'm half a man at best

With half an arrow in my chest

I miss everything we do,

I'm half a heart without you.

Hi every one! Yeah I guess it was a dramatic chapter. Nikki it will be better I'm sorry bad things are happening to you! And Lucy hey! Can you girls tell me if you're okay with the story?

Also guess what every one? I pregnant again! Ugh oh.. Wasn't really planned because I fell pregnant at 13 now it's 6 years later... It's not really good because I don't know how to tell the father of the child because I'm 18 turning 19.. How do you do that? I didn't tell the father of the last child I had because he moved back to Ireland so Skylar hasn't really got a dad but I want this child the have a dad. HELP.

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