Behind that smile

They told him he was worthless
Girls rejected him
All he wants are friends
His mother died last week
His fathers in jail
He lives with his cousin
Tears fall down
He cuts his wrists
He takes the pills
He sleeps peacefully with the angels

(I made that poem about suicide) ^^


3. Lucy and Nikki

"NIALL! Get in the fucken van we're going to be late for our interview!" Liam shouts banging on my bedroom door. I roll my eyes and open my door. I sit at the back,alone. "It took you long enough!" Harry says sarcastically and slaps my leg. I hold my leg. I hold back the screams. When we get the interview the boys are all of a sudden reaaaaally nice. "Hello boys!"

"Hello!" We all say at different times. "Okay so the first question. Who would you protect the most from getting punched in the face?" Louis pretends to think. "Probably Niall. Even though he's the second youngest we still want to protect him the most. He's so innocent and cute!" Zayn grabs my cheeks like I was a baby. "Awhh you guys are the cutest friends! I ship Ziall!" They all laugh. I fake laugh. I sorta like interviews and when we are with other people because they have to be nice or they'll get caught out. When we get to the house we all share Louis smacks me on the cheek. "Ow wad you do that for?"

"You're such an ugly person!" Zayn snickers and pushes me. I try not to fall but my leg twists and I fall really hard on the floor. That's where my knee problems started to happen. I get up and limp to my room. I close the door, sit on my bed and open my lap top. I roll my eyes at all the tweets I'm getting mentioned in. "Niall is soo perfect! Notice me Niall!"

"Niall how was your day?"

"Niall follow me!!!"

"Niall I love you soo much!"

"Niall is soo perfect he always has a smile on :-)" yeah fake smile. "Dinner's ready fuck whit!" I roll my eyes and sit at the table. Liam serves me a slither of meat. I stare at the boys filled plates, mashed potato, meat, vegetables and gravy. "Why don't I get as much food as you guys?" Harry laughs and puts on a 'are you serious?' Face "You're too fat to eat!" The boys laugh and nod. "Lads, my sister Nikki and Harry's girlfriend Lucy are moving in!" Great more mean people. "when are they moving in?" Liam says excited. "They're moving in tomorrow!"

"I let my sister bring her dog Missy, is that okay?"

"Yeh awesome! Can we have a scary movie marathon tomorrow?" Zayn asks. "Yeh sure Nikki loves scary movies but only the ones without zombies, what kinda things does Lucy like?"

"She likes sewing ,basketball and she hates large crowds."

Nikki's POV

Hi I'm Nikki Louis' sister I'll tell you a little bit about me... My friends say I'm just like Louis! You know full of energy! Hahaha also I have a dog named Missy she's my bestest friend, I love scary movies but I hate Zombies and I'm not a morning person so don't even try to wake me up I'll get you.

Lucy's POV

Hi I'm Lucy Hodge Harry's girlfriend, I'll tell you a bit about myself... I'm very good at crafts so I do sewing and up cycling, basketball and I have a weird gift where I can see dead people.. Any ways that's me!

Niall's POV

"Niall get the fuck to bed!" Harry shouts. I run the my bedroom and lock the door, I then proceed to my bathroom and grab a razor blade I used to shave this morning. I pull it apart so I have a single blade, I run the cold metal across my skin. It feels good. I disinfect the cuts, wrap a bandage around it and pull my sleeve down. I sit in bed for a while thinking. I don't know what I did to deserve this I didn't make a bad impression when I first met the boys I told Louis I like his shoes and clothes and what did they all do? Turn on me and decide to bully me! I hate my life I think this will be the year I finally leave this place and float to Heaven.

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