Behind that smile

They told him he was worthless
Girls rejected him
All he wants are friends
His mother died last week
His fathers in jail
He lives with his cousin
Tears fall down
He cuts his wrists
He takes the pills
He sleeps peacefully with the angels

(I made that poem about suicide) ^^


6. knee

"Niall!" I turn around and Louis punches me in the face and I fall to the ground and then the boys beat me up and hit me. I run to my room and lock the door. I look at my twitter and I see hate. "Niall's probably just the reject of the group."

"Niall is ugly look at his teeth."

"Niall's voice isn't as good as Zayns" I sigh because sometimes I read nice messages on twitter but I read the hate ones and they're the ones I remember it hurts soo much that the boys I used to call my best friends turned on me. my life is worthless. Every body hates me, all the fans like the boys and I'm the ugly Irish one out of the band. If only Simon pulled out those four boys and let me go home maybe then they would've come first or at least second place. I get up and walk to the bathroom I look in the mirror and feel shame come upon me I look horrible my teeth they're crooked (he hasn't got braces yet) the way my cheeks are always red my body isn't as good as the other boys. I haven't done this for a couple of days, I get the razors I hid because they took all my razors so they thought. I cut my arms and went to bed. When I wake up Nikki's cuddling me. She opens her eyes slowly. "good morning, when did you get here?" She smiles and yawns. " I don't know somewhere around 1-2 o'clock in the morning?"

"Oh okay, well what brings you here?"

"I just wanted to talk about something."

"yeah sure, but then you have to go if Louis catches you in here he'll kill m-" I was cut off by my bedroom door opening and Louis standing there. "Boys come take a look at this." They all laugh and I get dragged out of bed to Louis' room. "Only me and Niall." They all back away and Louis locks the door behind us. "Niall do you know why I don't want you dating my sister?" I shake my head. "Because every one hates you and I don't want my sister getting married to a reject." I feel tears running down my cheek. How could he? "Boys come in here Niall's crying!" They all run in. "Haha aww little Niall is crying?" Zayn slaps me in the face. "Awh it's alright Niall." Louis ruffles my hair but really hard. Then they start beating me up. 5 minutes later they chuck me out of the room. I Iimp to my room crying Nikki's gone. So I lock my room and cry until I can't any more. "Niall dinners ready." Lucy says from behind the door. "Coming." I say calmly and stand up but I fall back down my knee I can't walk on it. I get up again and hold the pain in and walk to the table. "My knee really hurts I need to go to the doctors."

"No you're not going." Louis says. I hold out my knee and it's horrible it's moved to the side it's red and purple and it hurts. "Fine you can go then.

*at the doctors*

"you need to go into emergency surgery for 10 days."

"Okay." 10 days without the boys. "What's wrong with your stupid knee?" Liam rolls his eyes. "I'm going for emergency surgery for 10 days." I smirk. "When?"

"Two days."

"He also said to stay in bed and don't do any thing."

"Fine you little shit." I smirk again and we all walk home. "Go to bed Niall!" I nod and look back and Louis is dragging Nikki away by her shirt.

Nikki's POV

Louis has dragged me behind a wall and I don't know why. "Nikki?" I look at the floor. "Nikki look at me when I'm speaking to you!" I slap him in the face. "Don't you ever talk to me like that, don't drag me across the house, don't fucking tell me who I can't date and I can sleep in the same bed with Niall I care about him unlike any one else in this house only me and Lucy like him! You guys are pathetic what gives you the right to bully him like that he's only an innocent boy that has done nothing to you!" Louis shakes his head and walks away shouting, "you still don't have permission to date him."

"I don't need your permission!" I say through gritted teeth. And then go to bed.

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