Behind that smile

They told him he was worthless
Girls rejected him
All he wants are friends
His mother died last week
His fathers in jail
He lives with his cousin
Tears fall down
He cuts his wrists
He takes the pills
He sleeps peacefully with the angels

(I made that poem about suicide) ^^


11. it's over

Niall's POV

it's finally the end of the WWA tour and I finally get to have the pills. Nobody's going to stop me now. The boys are going to get dinner to celebrate the end of tour so I decided to fake sick and stay home while they go. "Bye guys!" I smile sweetly. They look at me strangely and walk out. I walk to my bedroom and write a suicide note. Once in finished I walk to my bathroom and grab my blade.I stare and it for a while and start to cry. I cut one for every boy in the band, I cut 5 for losing Nikki, I cut for as many bad things that have happened to me over the tour and I just cut. I counted them all, 305 in total. I pour the pills in my hand and the boys fling the door open. I roll my eyes. Why does this always happen when I'm about to do it? Louis starts laughing. "Go on do it. I dare you." They all look at him and Lucy looks over Harry's shoulder. I take the pills in my mouth and the last thing I saw was Lucy having and anxiety attack and Harry rubbing her back before every thing went blank.

I woke up in a white bed in a green hospital gown and I knew that I was unsuccessful. Lucy walks into my room. "Hey Niall!" She sits down on my bed. "Are you okay you had an anxiety attack?"

"Yes I'm fine... Are you okay?"

"No, I shouldn't be here!" I start to cry. "Haha Niall failed again!" Liam says and the boys laugh. "Harry if you keep being mean to Niall I'm leaving you and taking Niall with me!"

"You can't do that babe." He takes her by the waist and holds her. "You'll be on 72 hour watch and you know you cut yourself 305 times?"

"Yes I know!" I turn my back to them and Lucy rubs my back. "Lucy don't touch him." Harry snaps and she quickly pulls her hand back. "S-sorry." She steps back. "You need to take more pills next time." Louis laughs and they all walk out, Harry dragging Lucy. "We'll pick you up in 3 days." Zayn shouts before they left the room.

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