Behind that smile

They told him he was worthless
Girls rejected him
All he wants are friends
His mother died last week
His fathers in jail
He lives with his cousin
Tears fall down
He cuts his wrists
He takes the pills
He sleeps peacefully with the angels

(I made that poem about suicide) ^^


17. epilogue

Nobody's POV

It's been 2 months since Niall's suicide and Niall is happy with him self sometimes he lies in bed with Nikki and spends hours with her, he watches Lucy and Harry when they go to Starbucks, he sits with Lucy when she's crying and he watches the boys. Niall watched Lucy commit suicide she still had the chain on. 2 days after that Harry killed himself because he was going to propose to Lucy. Louis couldn't take that his best friend died so he drowned himself. Then there were 3. Liam moved to Australia and Zayn was brutally murdered. Liam was the only one that got married and had a kid until he went crazy and killed his wife and kid so he was sent to mental hospital and he jumped out a window and died. Nikki jumped off a huge bridge. And now they are all in hell except for Niall, Lucy and Nikki.

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