The Dream


1. Chapter 1

Author's note~

Hi! I'm Aliya! Okay so this is like my dream so it will never happen. Sooo... I decided to write about it and keep dreaming! I hope you like it! Let's go on with the story!

Aliya P.O.V.

OMG! I'm done with high school! Yes! My mom is paying for my college. I'm going to London University! MY BESTIES ARE GOING TOO! But right now I'm packing which sucks.. I'm gonna miss the United States Of America... I grew up here but I was born in the phillipines. Yea.. It's really far..

I'm going with my 2 Best friends! Kitnoi and Amma! Yup.... We knew each other since elementary! We have been besties since! Oh, also we are DIRECTIONER BUDDIES! OHHHH!! Yup.. Plus we are going to freaking ENGLAND!! ONE DIRECTION WHERE ARE YOUU?? Okay... Yea..

Well I'm done packing. I pretty much packed my whole room. I was packing my stuff into the car. My mom was crying. My brother is in College already but in Cali. He couldn't see me. He was too far. But my dad ain't here. Cuz my parents are divorced. Anyways yea..

I'm picking up Amma then Kitnoi. Yup... We just picked them. Up. They both said bye to their families. We were all emotional. But once we got to the airplane... FANGIRLING! I mean one direction is in London!

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