Forever Lost

I was twelve that terrible week. The night my uncle touched me, in ways I didn't know we're possible. Years later the day my dad found out. The night the cops came, the same life changed forever.

Lilliana (or Lilly) is now eighteen and found out her uncle is out of jail. Fearing for what could happen but determined to make things right and finally learn why he always did those things.

Why was &Uncle Greg always like that? Why did dad leave me? Left me alone just within Uncle Greg's grasp? Making me forever lost...


1. The Night It All Went Wrong

Lilliana's POV

That Night

       "Uncle Greg!" Lilliana yelled as she jumped into his arms. 

"Hi my little pet," he laughed as he heaved her up into a hug. Greg and Lilliana's father,John, gave each other a hug. They walked into the kitchen and decided to have pizza. Then John called and ordered for them. Lilliana and Greg played games in the new living room,(Lilliana and her Father moved into a new house since her mom passed away) while she told him all about the new stuff in her room. Suddenly Greg grabs her hand tightly and yanks her to her feet. Lilliana lets out a quiet yelp and her Uncle Greg puts a hand to her mouth. He tells John that Lilliana is going to show him her new bedroom and drags her upstairs.

       *5 minutes later*

      Lilliana said goodbye to her Uncle as he kissed her on the head. the he whispered,"Do not tell any one, ever, of what happened upstairs." Lilliana slowly shook her head yes then ran up to her room.

Sorry guys I know this is short but it is a flashback so it's just a piece of what happened.


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