Forever Lost

I was twelve that terrible week. The night my uncle touched me, in ways I didn't know we're possible. Years later the day my dad found out. The night the cops came, the same life changed forever.

Lilliana (or Lilly) is now eighteen and found out her uncle is out of jail. Fearing for what could happen but determined to make things right and finally learn why he always did those things.

Why was &Uncle Greg always like that? Why did dad leave me? Left me alone just within Uncle Greg's grasp? Making me forever lost...


2. Back to the Future

  Years passed and Lilliana pulled farther and farther away. Soon John began to get worried and realized that she wasn't the same. Then he decided to try and fix it, that's when it all when wrong...

John's POV

        Today is Lilliana's sixteenth birthday and I am determined to get her out to dinner with Greg and I. These last few years she has pulled away and I'm getting tired of it. She is sixteen! 

       "Lilly come down here please,"John yelled up the stairs. Slowly Lilliana made her way down the stairs in her usual dark sweatshirt and sweatpants. She suddenly gave john a look that told him to talk quickly.

        "Today is your sixteenth birthday,"John said,"and you have been shut in that room for so long that you, Greg, and I are going to dinner." Lilliana shoots him a look of pure fear as he says Greg's name and starts with,"Are you kidding-"

"You are not getting out of this dinner for the third year in a row!"

"I'm not going," she yells as she runs up the stairs. John runs after her and gets up the stairs in just enough time to have Lilliana slam the door in his face.

"Open the door!"

"Why should I your just going to make me go to dinner with you and my stupid Uncle!"

"Don't call your Uncle that! You know he loves you!"

"I hate him! He is a jerk to me!!"

"What in the blazes are you talking about?"

       Lilliana the proceeds to open her door and tell him everything. Everything about that first night and how it just got worse over the years; and how over the years he has forced her to deal with the mental torment her Uncle Greg gives her. After Lilliana finally stops talking her dad is watching her with shock. He starts into a rage of how he is going to hurt his brother and make him pay for everything he has done. After about ten minutes of pacing the hall he storms downstairs slamming the door behind him. Lilliana just shut her door and leaned up against it crying until she fell asleep.

*7 hours later*

       Lilliana wakes up in a spook and realizes its midnight she stands up and is about to crawl into her bed when she hears a pounding on the door. She slowly rolls down the stairs thinking her dad must finally be home but instead she finds a surprise at her door. She stands in shock as she watches a young police man greet her and pull his hat off. He then proceeds into explaining how they found her father dead in his car after a very serious accident. She starts to cry as he apologizes and says he will be back in the morning to continue. Then for the second time that night, Lilliana cried herself to sleep.



Alright guys Again I'm sorry these are kind of short but they should get longer as I go! I hope you guys like it and please comment!:) 


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