It's like, you're drowning.. But you can see everyone around you breathing. Louise has attempted suicide. She is currently waking up in a mental institution. It turns out the person who saved her, make actually be closer than she thought.


1. Waking Up

             Sometimes you don't wake up. But if you happen to, you know things wont be the same. Which is why I try to never ever wake up. My name is Louise Holmes. I am in an institution. Not just any institution, a mental health one. I have no reason as to why I woke up here, I thought I had finally left this hell hole called life. But unfortunately, like everything else I have ever done, I failed yet again. I always fail. There's no way of escaping it. Just like my thoughts. They always creep ack to me. Over, and over again. It's just a reoccuring process of evil.


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