It's like, you're drowning.. But you can see everyone around you breathing. Louise has attempted suicide. She is currently waking up in a mental institution. It turns out the person who saved her, make actually be closer than she thought.


5. My First Morning

                 Today I start out by rolling out of my rock-hard bed and lay against its poles on the floor. I don't want to go through my first group session, but if it's going to help me leave this place, then I'll do it. I got up and slowly walked down to the restrooms. There is a middle-aged woman sitting on a stool as I walk in. I figure she is a supervisor and just proceed to the sink. As I pull my tooth rush out of my baggy she walks over to examine the contents.

"I didn't attempt by cutting m'aam. You don't have to treat me like one." I state.

"Okay honey, but I must go through all of your items before you do anything in here. You can go on with your buisness now."

              I never thought I'd be having to go through some LAX airport security just to brush my damn teeth. But, I guess this is what you have to do in Hell.

              I left the restroom and headed back to my cage to put my baggy away. My room looked so empty and bare. I hadn't noticed before, but beside my bed there are scratch marks from previous people. It was kind of frightening actually. It was like they thought that they could escape, like there was something for them on the other side that they needed. And the more I thought about their struggle to get out, the more I wanted to leave as well.

              I decided that I wanted to roam around and see the place I will be in for the next forty days. I crept out of my room and dashed into another wing. It looked like a school hallway. There were paintings on the walls, and names beside the doors in stickers. I heard a bunch of voices behind a door of a small room and slightly opened it. Someone noticed on the other side and flung it open the rest of the way. It was a young girl. She looked no older than ten, but skinny as a nail. I automatically knew, Ana and Mia took ahold of her life. She was attacked by mind demons as well, which is what most of our cases involve. The mind demons.

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