It's like, you're drowning.. But you can see everyone around you breathing. Louise has attempted suicide. She is currently waking up in a mental institution. It turns out the person who saved her, make actually be closer than she thought.


6. First Session

                I walk into the room and sit down in a chair that is in a circle. There are others here. I lean over and ask the little girl who opened the door and asked her what this was. She said that its the group time circle and that I was just in time for my first session. Her name was Jennifer. Jennifer has been her for two weeks now, that means she has 26 more days left until she is let free. Almost halfway through!

              As we all got settled in I glanced around the circle to see the other individuals who were also joining us in this group session. There was only one other girl with anorexia there and she was about my age. I had always been curious about their thought process, but I figured that was none of my buisness. I kept looking around the room, most of us here were here for suicidal attempts and selfharm. There was a guy my age that sat across from me. He had bandages on his wrists. His head hung low and he wasnt really looking at anything other than the soles of his shoes. He was very attractive, but the way his facial expression just stayed blank made me look away.

               A woman sat down in a chair next to me and smiled at everyone in the room. Her scent of coconut made me want to vomit, but I know that if I leave that room that would mean that my session wouldnt count and my 40-day intervention would take longer to complete. She asked everyone to go around the room and introduce themselves and also state their reason to want to be healthy. I had no reason to want to, I have to. Im being forced to come here. I don't want to change at all, I want to be dead.

            When it got around to the guy across from me he glanced up at everyone and sulked in his chair more. Then he looked back up. He looked directly at me and his eyes just grew big. I had no idea what to think. Then he whispered, "Luke. I want to be healthy because that's the only way out of here." I gasped. I never thought I would ever meet the guy who saved me. I immediately wanted to give him a few choiced words, but, I think that him being here and all could make them wait.

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