Picture This

Hi, I'm Lily and I am One Direction's photographer.


2. Can You Be Quiet!!!!!



           Lily's POV


                AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Louis screamed as Niall noogied him. This is what I work with. From time to time it is peaceful and fun and then there are times like these. I just rolled my eyes but no one could see since they were busy. Paul just chuckled while looking at me through the rear view mirror. Let me explain: we were all going to the spot the boys picked for their photo shoot and they wanted to go to California. We were on our way to Los Angeles so afterwards we were going to see my family. So while this war was going on, I was on my phone playing games, Zayn was somehow drawing on this road, Harry was also on his phone, and poor Liam tried to break the two up. Man, how I was glad to outrun Harry for shotgun." Guys, please can you be quiet!!!!!" I yelled. Suddenly, everyone was quiet but Paul because he was chuckling. The last time I got mad at the boys, I had to punch some of them, hard. We finally arrived and we all got out. " Okay, boys, stretch and then we will get started once Lou and the rest of the team come to get you all cleaned up." "Oh yeah, what are you going to do?" Louis said. " Oh Boo Bear, I'm going to do nothing at this photo shoot since I am the photographer." I said sarcastically. "No, seriously what are you going to do?" Harry intervened. I groaned," I am going to set up the friggin' camera and lighting, you butt." "Well then." they all said in sync. "Sometimes, you guys amaze when you do that." i said putting the bags down from the trunk. "Lily, we were born to do that." Harry winked. "And I was born to be your photographer," I said laughing, " now get ready to take some pictures, my love." Once I was done setting up the equipment, the boys were ready to start taking some pictures." Why did you want to come to L.A. out of all the places in the world?" I asked." Because we want to see the lovely people that made the greatest gift in the world." Zayn said. "Oh, how you flatter me!" I said with one hand on my chest, turning around. " I think we should start now." Liam said. I looked at my watch and replied with:" Thanks, Liam, for reminding. Now let's start!" 

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