I don't know about him.

High school student Amylia got in to a heart breaking relationship and doesn't know if she can be in one yet, but when she meets Harry her life turns upside down.


1. first sight

          "Amylia, we have to go to school its already 7:50 said Joyce". Amylia was slowly packing her stuff and haven't even had time she eat breakfast. Joyce said "hurry up we have 4 min to get to class". Amylia had to carry her heavy books while running with Joyce. While she ran she bumped in to a guy named Harry Styles and she dropped all her books on the floor. Harry looked right in to the distance in her eye how it was so brown, Amylia was quite stunned as much as Harry was. Amylia looked through those abs from Harry's sheer shirt she couldn't resisted so she blushed, Harry saw her looking through his sheer shirt, he started to chuckle and said to Amylia "are you staring at my abs? Aha." She said "no" embarrassedly. Joyce interrupted and said "Amylia hurry." Harry picked up her books and handed it to her, she said thanks. Joyce said "you like him don't you?" she said. "yes now shut up aha. Then they went to class, after class Harry saw her and said "can we talk?" she said "sure". Harry said "can we go out" with a chuckle. Amylia said "yeah sure" Harry said aha alright then lets take a walk. They were walking all the sudden Amylia tripped and Harry caught her and said are you okay?  She said yeah I'm fine, they both leaned and kissed. Amylia went home and said thank you for making my day so special without you I would've died aha just kidding but your amazing. Harry smiled and chuckled aha your so funny, your special to and soooo cute. After that they hugged and kissed goodbye. Amylia rushed to her fun and texted Joyce "I'm dating harry styles" Joyce texted "omg are you serious ahh so happy for you". Next morning Amylia got in the shower putting on her make up and wore her light blue cropped top with high waisted denim shorts with her white converse.

She ate breakfast and saw out of her window Harry waiting for her, she got out and said aww you've been waiting for me this whole morning? he replied "yes babe". He said you look cold heres my jacket. She said aw thank you and harry leaned in and kissed her. Then they both headed to school together.

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