The Bad Boy

Ally is the new girl to Bradford high. She was Zayn Malik's best friend. They met back in Yorkshire. Zayn and Ally spent there whole life together but Ally had to move to Bradford not saying anything to Zayn even where she was going what will happen if Zayn is already there??


3. School

Ally's P.O.V- 2 years later

Harry and I are now the best of friends, he is always there for me. I love him the death. I don't know if i like him more than a friend or not. We sleep over each other's houses and cuddle. We sleep together but not that kind of dirty way. Today we are going to school. Well its my first day, but Hazza has been going to school when i moved in. The best part is.. we are going to the SAME high school EEP! :)

Back to the story :D

I woke up at 6 O'clock in the morning and slowly walked to my walk in closet. I put on this without the black shoes.

After i wore it, i rushed downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed a bowl of fruit loops and munched it down, while checking twitter. 
Mum: Ally, You have 15 minutes to get the school. Hurry up.
I rushed out the door with my phone and purse and to my surprise Harry was parked outside waiting for me. I'm guessing he is taking me to school awe <3

Skip Car Ride

Harry: Babe before you go in the school. Watch out for the School's bad boy!
Ally: What?? Whats his name Hazza
Harry: His name is...... Zayn Malik. He is bad news, promise me you won't go near him.
Ally: Z-Zayn.. Malik? Omg
Harry: Whats wrong??
Ally: Uhm n-nothing. Don't worry and i promise.
I grabbed my bag quickly pecking Harry on the lips and walked out while Harry came around the car swiftly entwining his finger in mine. We walked through the school to the office.

Me: Hi, i'm Ally, I am new here. I smiled
Mystery Lady: Hello, i am Mrs. Johnson. Here is your schedule and have a great day.
Me: Thank you and you too
Harry and I have the same class. We walked to English class earning stares and death glares. I saw a guy with jet black hair and light brown eyes like Zayn.. but eh it wouldn't be him. Harry took a seat next to me. In the middle of the boring class. A letter was passed onto my desk and it said "Ally" It looked like........ Zayn's writing

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