The Bad Boy

Ally is the new girl to Bradford high. She was Zayn Malik's best friend. They met back in Yorkshire. Zayn and Ally spent there whole life together but Ally had to move to Bradford not saying anything to Zayn even where she was going what will happen if Zayn is already there??


4. Him.

Ally's P.O.V

I picked up the note opening it, it said:
"Meet me at the back of the school grounds after school. - Zayn xx"
I looked at the back of the room to see Zayn smirking at me. I just rolled my eyes at him. The bell rung telling us it is lunch time. I got up grabbed my books shoving it into my bag then i waited for Harry. As soon as he finished he grabbed my hand leading me to the cafeteria, i love the way he holds my hand....i feel....SAFE.

I paid for my lunch walking over to a table with Harry, i looked back and caught Zayn staring at my butt. Ugh typical guys -.-  We sat down chatting for a bit until Ashley walked over.

Ashley: Hey, Harry wanna hang with me for a bit. putting her hand on top of Harry's
Harry: Harry quickly took his hand away "No. I don't want 'hang' with you. Your just one of those typical Sluts that want nothing but sex. So if you can excuse me, i would rather hang out with Ally then a bitch like you.
Ashley: *Shocked* "Ugh, whatever" She walked away
Me: Thanks -i hugged Harry for a long time-
Mystery: AHHUMM!
I looked at him feeling annoyed that he interrupted our hug. 
Me: Who are you??
Mystery: Ally? You don't remember me?? It's me Zayn
Me: Zayn?!?! It's really you!! OMG! -I hugged him-
Zayn: Yeah. Whats up?
I sat down letting Harry put his arm around me. Zayn frowned a bit.. thats weird.
Harry: Babe, Let's go. I have to get something from my locker.
Me: Sure Hazza. *I got up grabbing Harry's hand* It was great seeing you again Zayn. I will see you after school though bye.

*After School*
I walked at the back of the school grounds and faced Zayn. 
Me: Hey Zayn, what did you want to talk about?
Zayn: This. He pinned me to the wall smashing his lips ontop of mine. Off Course I kissed back but knew this was wrong because my heart belonged to Harry. I pulled away
Me: Zayn. No, this isn't right. I don't feel any sparks but i do with Harry.
Zayn: That little fucker
Me: Zayn don't. Just please stay away from me and also Harry. i tried walking away but Zayn grabbed my wrist tightly.
Zayn: I love you. The day you mouthed to me you loved me. Well i feel the same way.
Me: Zayn. It has been 2 years, i have moved on and i already heard your a player and used all the girls in the school. You have changed... I walked away... leaving with Harry. I think i am IN LOVE with him <3


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