The Bad Boy

Ally is the new girl to Bradford high. She was Zayn Malik's best friend. They met back in Yorkshire. Zayn and Ally spent there whole life together but Ally had to move to Bradford not saying anything to Zayn even where she was going what will happen if Zayn is already there??


1. Goodbye :(

Ally's p.o.v

"Zayn.." I spoke softly getting ready to tell him the news
Z: "Ally? what are you doing here. I thought we were supposed to meet in 2 hours?" 
A: "Zayn.. i-i-i have to tell.... you something" I few tears dripped from my eye lids
Z: "Baby, what the matter?" He looked into my eyes , hugged me
A: "I-i-i -i'm moving"
Z: "Your Leaving me?!?! I can't believe your doing this to me!!!"
A: "Zayn, please let me explain!" I pleaded
Z: " No, Just- Just get out!"
A: "Zayn i know you don't mean mean it, please.. please"
I ran out the door holding the my face in my shaky hands. I wanted to tell him i was in love with him before i had to leave. I wanted to know if he felt the same way. I guess not, I never have EVER seen Zayn that angry in my entire life. As soon as i got the my door step i went straight to my room and hid my face in the pillows. Letting all the tears out. 


It was moving day. I knew that Zayn would be sitting on his balcony watching us move all the heavy boxes into the moving truck. I didn't have the heart to go outside and face him. We had only 1 more box to move. My parents and older sister that was one year older were already in the car. I guess it was all up to me.

I quickly grabbed the box, stopping in the tracks to take a deep breathe before seeing my ex-best friend. I walked outside quickly slipping the box into the moving box. I felt a pair of eyes burning into my back, it felt like someone was watching me. I looked up to the those rare light but now dark brown eyes. We stared into each others eyes until..

"Ally we have to go now, i start in the morning. Lets go, lets go!" My dad yelled 
I looked at Zayn mouthing "I Love You" a tear streamed down my cheeks. I ran to the car getting in swiftly shutting the door behind me. I knew this was the end of Zayn and I......

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