The Bad Boy

Ally is the new girl to Bradford high. She was Zayn Malik's best friend. They met back in Yorkshire. Zayn and Ally spent there whole life together but Ally had to move to Bradford not saying anything to Zayn even where she was going what will happen if Zayn is already there??


8. Date.


I stripped down taking off my bra and undies. i feel like a complete slut right now... i don't really regret it doe. I put on a fresh pair on that were black lacy. I put on this dress :)

That girl is me.. I thought you wanted a pic of me so that is me and my dress.

I got ready to go on my date, Louis stayed at my house waiting for Ashley. Harry then sent me a message saying "I'm coming inside your house right now, i have to talk to you." OMG what if he found out about me and Louis. I am really scared right now.. the door opened and there stood Harry and........... Ashley... shit

Harry: Want to tell me what he is doing here?!?

Me: He came here for Ashley not me!

Harry: Ashley.. Tell them what you told me.

Ashley: Well..I was sitting on the couch when Louis and Ally appeared holding hands. I asked them what they were doing and Ally replied we are going up to my room and doing something important. Then i heard moaning and groaning and both of them screaming each others names.

Me: You bitch! she came here with Louis and was going to have 'it' with him and i wanted to tell him about her and the Zayn thing then it just happened. I am so sorry Harry! please forgive me... please

Harry: I don't like to see a beautiful girl cry! everyone deserves a second chance and i forgive you. I have to tell you something that is amazing news. 

Me: Thank you thank you thank you thank you. and alright. Should we go now babe.

Harry: Yeah lets go. *Kisses her cheek and leave *


Louis' P.O.V

Ashley stood there in shock probably because her plan didn't work like she thought it would. She thinks she gets everything she wants now. It is so annoying.

Ashley: So babe. Want to finish what we started today??
Me: Hahaha you think you can go snitch and then get what you wanted this morning. If you do then you are one ugly whore. and we are done.


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