The Bad Boy

Ally is the new girl to Bradford high. She was Zayn Malik's best friend. They met back in Yorkshire. Zayn and Ally spent there whole life together but Ally had to move to Bradford not saying anything to Zayn even where she was going what will happen if Zayn is already there??


7. Cheating (WARNING! 16+


As soon as i got home from school, i changed into my onesie and boots.

I would ALWAYS do cheer leading moves when i was upset or stressed. I walked into my backyard starting to stretch my legs and arms. I heard a noise that sounded like a door opening and closing.... maybe its the wind. I first did the 'Bow and Arrow' i picked my leg up putting in right beside my head.. it wasn't painful for me doe.. then i did the spilts, back hand spring, front hand spring, back flip, front flip ect... i then heard a voice behind me it sounded like.... Harry??

Harry: Your.... AMAZING!!
Me: Harry?! What are you doing here!! How did you get in??
Harry: I came here to see if you were okay and your front door was open, you should lock it more often *chuckles* It made me melt inside like icecream in the heat hahaha werid. i saw a phone in his hand that had a video of me doing my tricks. nooooooooo.

Me: Harry?! Why do you have a video of me!? Please delete it, it embarrassing. 
Harry: Your the best cheer leader i have ever seen. School ended. Are we still going on with the date tonight babe?
Me: Awe thank you and off course it's still on. Pick me up in 2 hours??
Harry: Sure Babe. I have to go but i will see you tonight. Bye. He kissed me on the cheek walking away out of my house. I was filled with excitement and a bit of worry. what if he didn't like my dress? what if he doesn't like me that way? I went up the stairs to see Louis and Ashley taking their clothes off, eww. I forgot to tell Louis the thing about Ashley and Zayn.
me: Hey guys ;)
Ashley: Get out Ally! Louis is about to fuck me so leave. Louis stood there. Checking me out? I'll say he does look good only in jeans and his abs. I have a plan.
Me: Oh well. I just want to talk to Louis about something, Louis?
Louis: Yeah, Sure. I will be back Ashley.
We walked to my room locking the doors and curtains. I felt really horny right now.

Me: Louis, i will be back i need to change *winked*
Louis: Sure, take your time.
I walked to the bathroom taking my clothes of leaving my bra and undies. i walked outside to see Louis. I walked over to him standing right in front of him
Louis: Oh babe, you don't know how horny your making me!
Me: Why, don't you just fuck me then?!
Louis grabbed me pinning me to the wall sucking on my neck. I swapped pushing him on the wall turning around grinding on him feeling the bulge on me. I took off his pants and underwear seeing his member. 
Louis: You ready slut?
Me: Fuck me! -whispered-
He pushed in as i was just about to scream in pain. Yep i was a virgin, i bit my lip. He pulled in and out as it started to make me feel real good. Ashley was there...
Ashley: Louis i am going to the shop's for a bit. I will be back soon.
I wanted more. 
He did as he was told and did it. 

Louis: Ohh Yeaah, ALLY!!!
Me: Louis! You... you make me feel good.

Louis layed down on the bed while i bounced up and down on his dick making sure he felt good. After that we were finished, we put our clothes on quickly. i definitely had a great time.
Me: Louis, That was great and we can't let anyone know about this okay?
Louis: Sure babe. You were the best. And your hot in a onesie *winked*
Me: I forgot to tell you, Ashley cheated on you with Zayn. I'm sorry
Louis: Don't worry about it, i don't care about her.
Me: Well i have to go get ready. I am going on a date with Harry. I have to change so go outside.
Louis: Why? I have already seen everything so change in front of me ;)




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