The Bad Boy

Ally is the new girl to Bradford high. She was Zayn Malik's best friend. They met back in Yorkshire. Zayn and Ally spent there whole life together but Ally had to move to Bradford not saying anything to Zayn even where she was going what will happen if Zayn is already there??


5. A new friend :L

Zayn's P.O.V

Ugh, i'm getting real tired of Harry hanging out with Ally... I will get my revenge and when i do she will be mine. No one is going to stand in my way...

Ally's P.O.V

I woke up from something kicking me in the ribs. I opened my eyes as the painful groans escaped my mouth. The person i hated the most.... Ashley. 

Ashley: Get up, slut
Me: me?! I'm the slut?!!? i'm sorry, i think you have got it all wrong. Because the definition of slut equals hmm??..... YOU! I stood up letting all the anger i have been holding in all my life.
Ashley: You little Bitch!!! She slapped me right in the face, leaving my cheek a red hand mark.
Me: You think your all tough just cause you are older!! huh, well i have had enough I jumped on her swinging punches at her. I was pulled of by my mother, and by the looks of it she was angry as Hell.... ohh noo.

Mom: What do you think you girls are doing?! Your old enough for the fighting. I don't want a single word out of both of you! Go get ready for school right now or your grounded!!!

My mom left stomping her feet on the ground while Ashley quickly ran back to her room. Apparently she needed her beauty time to get ready, pfft.... all she wears to school is a crop top that looks like a bra and short shorts.... it gives me shivers when i sit next to her in the car sometimes....

I did my make up, eye liner, mascara, red lipstick, foundation, concealer, eye shadow and blush. I had only 15 minutes till Harry was picking me up to take me to school.. awe he is so generous ;) I walked to my Tiffany blue walk in closet picking out...

I was really happy with my look today, i matched it with a pair of black sandals, i quickly checked instagram, twitter and facebook. There was a notification that said "You have received a new message" I quickly tapped it.

Unknown: Hey babe, It's Harry. I'm outside your house, hurry up would ya!
Me: How did you get my number and okay be there in 5.
Harry: Magicians never reveal there tricks
Me: You can be a cutie sometimes.

I held onto my phone and purse running downstairs. 
Me: Bye Mum!! Ashley was on the couch wearing her 'usual'
Mum: Bye honey!!
Ashley: What are you wearing?! I am the sister who wears the cutest clothes not you! you bitch
Me: Awe, thank you for admitting that my clothes are better then your slutty ones.
Ashley: Whatever, well i am waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up. His name is Louis Tomlinson, aka the most popular boy in school.
Me: OMG! REALLY?!!? I never asked and i will never care bye bye Harry is dropping me off! I ran outside jumping into Harry's car saying our hi's and how are you's soon we were off. We parked into Harry's spot. No one was allowed to park there or they had someone to deal with. I grabbed the handle of the door about to open it until....


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