New Girl ~Harry Styles Love Story

"We're late for class. Bye." I said walking away. All of a sudden my back hit the lockers. "Oh, Wynter, I'm always late to class." He whispered in my ear. He sent chills down my spine. He then began to kiss my neck. He sucked and nipped on my neck. I bite my bottom lip in slight pain. He backed away then instantly connected his lips to mine. I didn't kiss back though. I tried to push him off but he was too strong. His hands went under my shirt and he started to feel my back. 'He.. He's touching me!' I thought to myself. He finally stopped. "I'll see you later, Loves." He whispered in my ear using my last name. I was still shocked and still taking in what just happened. He smirked and gave me another kiss on the lips. He looked at my neck, smirked, then began to walk away.


3. 3-

Wynter's P.O.V.

I yawned as I woke up. As soon as I got my vision back, I looked around the room. I had forgotten that I was now at my aunt's house.

I got out of the bed and I was in my pajamas (y_thumb).

I walked down the stairs. It smelled good. What is Aunt Gracie cooking?

I walked onion the kitchen. Aunt Gracie turned around to look at me. "Good morning, Wynter. Guess what?" She asked. I lifted an eyebrow. "What's up?" I asked.

"Today is your first day of school! Rachel already left for school, but since you're new, I have to go register with you and make sure that you're comfortable with that school." She said. My jaw nearly dropped open.

School? Now? What if it doesn't goes well? What if nobody will like me? What if I don't make any friends? So many questions going through my mind!

"O-ok" I said stuttering a bit. "Everything will be fine. It took Rachel a few days to get use to everything at that school. Especially that you two have American accents, it was a little harder for her but now look at her. She has friends and joined the softball team. That's what you should do. Join a sports team." She said trying to cheer me up.

I smiled a bit and nodded. She smiled as well. "Ok. Now get going up stairs to get ready. We're leaving in 25 minutes." She said. "Ok." I simply said and headed back upstairs.

I took a quick shower and got dressed in BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFk quickly. I curled my hair a bit and put on some eyeliner and mascara. I slipped on my shoes and went out of the room.

"You ready?" Aunt Gracie asked. I turned around and said "Yup." Popping the 'p'. She smiled and I smiled too. We got in her car and drove off.

~skip car ride

"Do you want me to come with you to the office or just drop you here?" Aunt Gracie asked. I thought for a few seconds. "Just drop me off right here. I'll register myself." I answered. She just smiled. "Ok. If you need any help or something like that, just call or text me, ok?" She asked. "Ok. I'll see you later." I said leaning over planting a kiss on her cheek. "Ok. Bye."

I got out the car and walked towards the entrance of the school. I stopped in front of the doors and took a deep breath. 'You can do this, Wynter. Don't let the other people bring you down. You can do this.' I thought to myself.

I finally opened the doors and went inside. I saw some students walking around getting to their classes and some just hanging out in the hallway.

I walked inside the office. A lady looked over at me. She smiled and said "How may I help you?" I smiled back. "Um.. I'm a new student here and I would like to register?" I answered. I was so nervous.

"Ah, yes. You must be Rachel Loves sister. She stopped by this morning to tell us that you were coming to register. I just need you to fill out these 2 papers and then I'll settle you in a class." She said. I nodded as I took the papers that I had to fill out.

Rachel cares too much about me. That's why it was hard for her to leave me in New York after the accident.

I had finished filling out the papers. I handed then back to the lady. "Ok, um.. Wynter," she said looking on the paper to find out my name "Let me just print out your schedule that tells you what classes you have." She said.

The schedule came out of the printer and she gave it to me. I smiled and said "Thank you." She smiled and nodded.

I walked out of the office. I looked at my schedule to see my first class. Math. My worst subject. This should be a great. Again, note the sarcasm.

It took me a while to find the class. This school is bigger than my old school back in New York. I walked down the hall and I finally found my class!

I could feel my heart beat really fast! I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A man opened the door. I just have to admit that he is kind of cute. "How can I help you?" He asked. "I-I'm a new student. I'm in your math class." I stuttered in the beginning. He lifted an eyebrow. Probably because of my accent.

"Wynter Loves?" He asked. "Yes, sir." I answered. He just nodded and let me in. I walked inside and everyone's eyes were on me. I hate getting all the attention.

"Class, this is Wynter Loves. She is new here so please make her feel welcome." He said to the class eyeing them. He then came to me. "My name is Mr. Hudson" he said to me with a smile. I smiled back. "Go find a seat now Ms. Loves." He said. I nodded and found a seat in the back. Perfect.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was zoned out staring at the wall when the was a knock on the door. I turned to face the door. Mr. TeacherMan opened the door but not wide enough for me to see who it was. I saw him nodded and he let who ever was at the door in.

"Class, this is Wynter Loves. She is new here so please make her feel welcome." Mr. TeacherMan said. I really hot girl came in the room. That's when I sat up straight just staring at her. What was her name? When ever the teacher speaks I never pay attention. I guess I'm just gonna have to ask her later or after class.

Sh found a seat across from my desk. A perfect view of her. It's a good thing that that was now her permanent seat for the rest of the school year. I'm gonna see her everyday.

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