Save me

Wounded, kidnapped, scared, beaten, thirsty, and hungry, Jack had finally lost hope. Assuming he never would see the snow again, the happy, worry less winter spirit we've all come to know and love is gone. Replaced by a shell filled with worry, pain, and worst of all brokenness.


2. Chapter Two


I laughed slightly as I started to come out of hiding but stopped as someone grabbed my hood. I turned around and my heart seemed to thud to a stop, my grip tightened on my staff a well, for the person currently holding my hood, was none other than Pitch Black. My nemesis.


I ripped my hood out of Pitches grasp, and stepped backwards. I put my staff in front of me,- aimed at Pitch- and took a defensive stance.

"What do you want Pitch?" I said between clenched teeth.

He smiled as two NightMares appeared behind him.

"Well, isn't it obvious Jack?" He questioned.

I looked at him questionably.

"Jack?" My heart stopped as I heard Jamie, then footsteps approaching us.

I looked behind me, my eyes widened as Jamie got closer. He finally saw me and a huge smile spread across his face.

"Jack! I've missed you so..." He stops as he saw Pitch and the Mares.

"Jack what's he doing here." His voice was barely audible.

I immediately got in front of Jamie, I wouldn't let anything happen to him. It's my sole duty as a guardian to protect the children.

"It doesn't matter.." I didn't get to finish because Pitch interrupted me.

"You see, little Jamie, I'm here for him." Pitch said as his eyes narrowed on me.

" Why?" I cursed myself as I seemed weak.

I'm not afraid of him. I'm not afraid of him. I've beaten him before, I can do it again. I'm not afraid of him. Protect Jamie at all costs. Were the thoughts running through my head. And I wasn't afraid of him. But afraid of letting Jamie down, or not defeating Pitch.

That's what I was afraid of. I couldn't let him, nor the other guardians, down. What would they think of me, then? Would they even still want me as a guardian? I was awoken from my thoughts by NightMares coming towards me and Jamie, time seemed to slow, I brought my staff to the side quickly as ice came out.

"Jamie! Get out of here! Now!" I screamed.

I calmed slightly as I heard his retreating steps, along with several others. Now it was only me, Pitch, and his Mares. I quickly looked behind me as snorts reached my ears. I was surrounded. All hope I had of winning this, plummeted to the ground.

"Give up, Jack. I just want to talk." Pitch said as a sinister smile spread across his face.

"A little help Wind." I mumbled.

I shot straight into the air, mentally thanking Wind. I looked down and saw Pitch flying into the air as well. I looked back up as a black cloud came toward me. My eyes widened in fear as I tried to stop, but I wasn't quick enough. The cloud slammed into my body, with a loud thump. I felt all the air leave my body as I fell back to the earth. I tried to call upon Wind, but I couldn't stop. I angled my body so I wouldn't land head first. I hit the earth -thankfully landing in a snow dune- with a thud. I laid there as I gasped for air, and felt the coldness of the dune surround me. For a moment everything was peaceful. Then that moment ended as Pitches face appeared above me and he looked.......Worried?

A/N as you can probably tell I don't have a schedule for updating yet. Anywho, what do you think of this chapter yay or nay? I don't really like this chap, I feel like it's not some of my best work :/...

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