Save me

Wounded, kidnapped, scared, beaten, thirsty, and hungry, Jack had finally lost hope. Assuming he never would see the snow again, the happy, worry less winter spirit we've all come to know and love is gone. Replaced by a shell filled with worry, pain, and worst of all brokenness.


6. Chapter Six

I don't know how long I stayed curled up like that, how long I cried on and off, how long I stared at nothing. Or if I slept, I just laid there, not having the energy nor the will to move.

"Jack?" I heard Pitch, but didn't react, ever since he broke my staff he hasn't beaten me nor fed and watered me. "I brought you food." He said almost begging me to taunt him, fight back, anything. My mouth began to water at the mention of food, and instantly my stomach growled, but instead of getting up I just laid there and whimpered as my stomach seemed to eat at my ribs.

I tried to get up but stopped as pain erupted from my side, and all my joints popped. "I can't." I said, wincing at the sound of my hoarse, unused voice.

"Oh, um, here let me help you." Pitch said behind me and soon I felt someone picking me up, holding me like you would hold a small child. I held my breath, afraid to move, and looked anywhere other then Pitch. He soon sat down with me still in his lap. As he cradled my head and spoon fed me, I hated this, I hated how weak I was, but all I could do was eagerly swallow the warm broth that was drizzled into my mouth.

My stomach did flips as the food settled, as Pitch went to give me another spoonful I turned my head away. Even the thought of food was enough to make me want to vomit.

"You didn't even eat half. I thought you'd be hungry? You haven't ate in a month." He said, seemingly worried.

"Who's fault is that?" I asked hoarsely, but instantly felt fear grip my heart, last time I talked back I wasn't given anything to eat nor drink for over a month, and he broke my staff along with body parts.

But instead of hitting me, Pitch looked away with a sigh. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry ok?" I felt my jaw go slack, had he just apologized and looked like he genuinely meant it? Instead of believing him, I was suspicious, why was he suddenly nice, what was his angle?

"What?" I questioned, and tried to get up but stopped as he gripped my waist tightly.

"I'm sorry... I wasn't thinking.... I didn't.. I didn't know it would hurt you.. So bad." He said as tears welled up in his eyes. I looked at him like he had grown a second head.

"Let me go." I said through clenched teeth as I fought against his grip, having some strength as the food digested slowly.

Pitch slowly released his arms from my waist slowly, and I stood up quickly, only to drop to my knees gasping for air as well as clutching my side as I felt what little of a scab I had break open. I was on my hands in knees, biting my lip to fight the tears that threatened to fall.

"Jack." Pitch gasped and came to my side then slowly helped me up. Leaning on him, we walked to the side of the cage, where Pitch sent me down.

I felt a loud moan escape my lips as the cold bars touched my slowly healing bruised and battered body, still holding my side I watched as Pitch crouched down in front of me, my blue eyes stared into his black ones.

"What do you want with me?" I growled. Why was he suddenly being nice to me? Not beating me? Feeding me.

"Because.. Well.. Because this is why." He said and then grabbed my hips and lifted me up, forcing my legs around his waist then smashed our lips together. He had my back up against the bars, the coldness seeping into my body, as his hands trailed down my sides, causing me to shudder. I tried to pull away, but couldn't.

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