Save me

Wounded, kidnapped, scared, beaten, thirsty, and hungry, Jack had finally lost hope. Assuming he never would see the snow again, the happy, worry less winter spirit we've all come to know and love is gone. Replaced by a shell filled with worry, pain, and worst of all brokenness.


5. Chapter Five

I sat with my knees to my chest, and my head up against the cold bars. Feeling myself cool down. It had to be at least eight-five degrees in this place. Winter spirit, plus eighty-five degree heat. Not the best combination. I closed my eyes, practically moaning in pleasure as my body cooled. I could feel the coldness seeping through my body and traveling through my veins, giving me energy.

"What are you doing?" My eyes snapped open as I heard the deep voice of my captor.

"What does it look like?" I spat back, but immediately regretted it as anger filled his eyes and he stalked toward me. I readied myself for the usual stinging of a smack, the impact of his foot to my side, or the bruising of a punch to my face. But it never came. Instead he grabbed my jaw and forced me to look at him.

"Oh Jack, don't you know I feed off your fear?" I stared at him wide eyed, terrified of what he'll do to me. He breathed in deeply closing his eyes as if savoring the taste of a delicious treat. "You fear you'll never see sunlight, hear the birds, see the squirrels scramble to find their nuts they buried the season before, never touch your precious staff, never see your friends, never feel the wind nip at your skin. But most of all. Of me." I stared wide eyed as he finished with a sadistic smile. "I told you. I feel your fear." He said then backed up, letting go of my jaw.

I stood up trying not to wince as my multitude of wounds protested. I straightened my back trying to make myself seem taller, then lifted my chin to stare into his eyes.

"I may be afraid of multiple things. But!" I said exaggerating 'but' "you are not one of of them." The sadistic smile that was on Pitches face, grew even larger.

"Oh really?" He said then vanished leaving behind a cloud of black smoke.

Although I had an unsettling feeling, I relaxed, for the moment he wasn't hear. I leaned against the bars, allowing them to support my weight as well as to allow more coldness seep into my body. I clenched the bars as my legs started to give out due to fatigue, and the fact I hadn't ate in who knows how long. My head fell, I was both mentally and physically exhausted.

"Oh Jack." I lifted my head up with wide eyes as I heard my name being called in a sing-songy voice. What I saw was my worst nightmare, something that froze my heart beat. Pitch with my staff in his hands. "You're fear has spiked so I'am assuming you've noticed your precious staff." He said with a wide grin.

"Pitch.. Please.." I begged, willing him to hand it to me.

"What, do you think I'd be willing to just throw all my plans away by handing you the staff?" He asked laughing slightly, I let go of the bars I was holding and mustered what little strength I had last, and I launched myself at him.

I felt our bodies connect as both the air from our lungs was let out in one big whoosh, I landed on top of Pitch, but as soon as he hit the ground I was up and looking for my staff. I felt it calling me, I scanned the dark cage breathlessly trying to find it. I needed to find it, without it, I'am good as dead.

"Looking for this?" Pitch said suddenly appearing in front of me with staff in hand.

All I could do was stare at my staff wide eyed, without thinking, I launched myself at Pitch yet again. But this time Pitch was ready for me and easily dodged, unfortunately for me he knew how to fight, as I was attempting to tackle him he brought his elbow down and into the side of my skull. My body hit the cold metal ground with a loud thud, I laid there breathlessly looking up at Pitch and my beloved staff.

"You'd think you would have learned by now! You've been here almost a month, yet you never learn! No matter how many times you're beaten. How long you're staved. You. Don't. Learn. I didn't want to do this, but you've given me no choice. This is your fault." I felt my eyes widen as he positioned his hands at the middle of my staff where he broke it once before, pleading silently with him not to break it again.

"Pitch.. No.. Please!" I begged trying to stand up again but too weak.

"No, Jack. This is your fault." As soon as he finished his sentence, he snapped my staff. I screamed in agony as I felt what little power I had drain from me, and the weight of my wounds hit me like a bag of bricks. I curled into a fetal position, feeling the anxiety and pain ten times worse. That's when Pitches words finally sunk in. I had been here for a month, and no sign of the other guardians. He was right, they weren't coming. I was not only powerless, but also hopeless. He had finally broke me.

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